Day 247 (Su, 110904) — Plan for Week 36; New Workout Plan

Workout Plan.  Well, I’m sorta at a loss for what to do for my workout now that Max Capacity Training is done.  I will do it again somewhere down the road, but not just yet.

For now, I am going to start doing the 100 push-ups, 50 pull-ups, and 200 squats programs while I think through what else I want to do.  Those three together should give me a good full-body workout and I can always add exercises as I go along.


Plan for Week 36.  It’s been working pretty well for the last four weeks, so I think I’ll stick with my current plan.  The only difference from last week is I do not expect to give up a day of IF this week to an impromptu lunch.

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No No No No
Monday Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes No Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes No Yes
Saturday No No Yes No



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