Day 237 (R, 110825) — New Blogs; Max Capacity Training Day 32

New People to Follow.  I shook up my blogroll a bit this morning, reordering links and deleting a few. I also added two new blogs which are more-than-worthy replacements:

  1. The Wilderness of My Intuition – Not a 4HB blog per se but it is a diet and exercise journal.  Plus, my friend Amy is a great writer and fearless in examining her life and her project and then telling it like it is.  Check her out and give her some love.  She rocks.
  2. Project Guinea Pig – Aaron is on his way to being fit for the first time. I came across him via Hone Improvement.  Take a look.


Workout Decision.  Regardless of what else I decide to do as my next workout program, I am going to try the 100 push-ups regimen.  I can do 30 without too much trouble right now (did 210 in sets last Saturday) but I don’t know what my one-set-max is.  I guess I’ll find out on Saturday. 😉

I may add the 50 pull-ups plan as well.  I bought a wall mounted pull up bar to put up in my garage.  It should arrive tomorrow and I’ll give it a shot sometime this weekend.  The most real pull-ups I’ve ever done was three.  We’ll see how it goes.


Max Capacity Training. Assuming my My back feels better.  I’ll do I did my shifted-from-yesterday MCT workout today.  In keeping with this week’s Tabata theme, MCT Day 32 is the following exercises in eight 20-seconds-on/10-seconds-off sets. On my lowest rounds I did:

  1. Staggered Push-ups: 5
  2. Sprinter’s Squats: 11
  3. Air Force Crunches: 6
  4. Lalanne Standard Plank: 10

Still could not do the Lalanne Plank.  So I did a standard plank but counted the seconds as half.  (I counted 20 seconds of standard as 10 seconds of Lalanne.)

Lalanne Plank

This move is based on Jack Lalanne‘s famous push-ups. First, put yourself in a straight plank position. Slide your hands forward until your body is completely straight and your torso is about 4‖ off the floor. Look at your hands. Hold this position as long as possible. If you need a break, slowly come down to your knees, gather yourself and then get right back into it. Breathe regularly. Score it like the standard plank.


Plan for Week 34.

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No Yes No No No
Monday Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes No Yes No
Thursday Yes Yes No No Yes
Friday Yes Yes No Yes
Saturday No No Yes No



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