Day 233 (Su, 110821) — Request for Your Opinion; Plan for Week 34

Why I Do This. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend a little time ice skating with my elder daughter; it was a special daddy/daughter date.

We had a wonderful time and I am one helluva lucky man.


MCT Week 11.  It’s hard to believe I’m in Week 11 of the 12-week Max Capacity Training program.  I did take a month off a while back because of my ankle injury and my 2 Week Break, but here I am, in the home stretch, getting closer and closer to finishing.

  1. Day 1 (Monday, for me) this week will be abs: Heel Touches, Pulse Ups, Leg Over Crunches, and Alternating Crunches.
  2. Day 2 (Wednesday) covers chest, legs, and abs: Staggered Push-ups, Sprinter’s Squats, Air Force Crunches, and Lalanne Plank.
  3. Day 3 (Friday) is leg-heavy: Table Kicks, Ski Jumps, Butt Lifts, and Handstand Push-ups.

All of this week uses the Tabata timing protocol.  It’s gonna suck.


THe Next Phase. I am still looking for feedback for when I finish my MCT workouts.

  • Do I repeat MCT, adding in some pulling exercises (pull ups, curls, etc.)?


What do you think I should do?

Plan for Week 34.

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No No No No
Monday Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes No Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes No Yes
Saturday No No Yes No

I did ok this past week with a second Free Day on Sunday.  I’m doing it again today.

Have a great day, folks. =)



3 responses to “Day 233 (Su, 110821) — Request for Your Opinion; Plan for Week 34

  1. I like the idea that MCT targets all the major muscle groups, whereas a program like the hundred pushups is very specific. It might sound hypocritical because that’s what I’m currently doing, but I only chose the 100 pushups over MCT because of my upcoming trip, I didn’t want to interrupt it.

  2. What a cute young lady! Bet she had a great time with Dad.
    I agree with HI. MCT works everything, that’s why I like it. I might add in the 100 pushups but I will either do MCT again or go to something with kettle bells.

  3. MCT is great but it lacks any sort of pulling – no biceps, no lats, etc. I know why they did that (so the whole program would be doable with zero equipment) but it is still something I’d want to add back.

    I would do the other exercise regimens together in some combination. E.g. push ups + pulls ups + squats.

    I’ve heard tales of people whose only exercises are push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and squats and they get great results.

    I am sorta leaning that direction.

    Maybe MCT –> an -UPs combo program –> MCT –> -UPs etc.

    What do you think?

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