Day 223 (R, 110811) — Forgetfulness; Max Capacity Training Day 26

Forgetfulness. Anybody else out there let themselves get so busy that they forget stuff?  Whether it is focusing too much on one thing or letting yourself be overwhelmed y lots of things altogether, I forget things all the time.

I use lists, alarms, text messages, timed emails, calendar reminders, etc. but sometimes things still slip through the cracks.  Yesterday was a prime example.

Max Capacity Training.  I planned to do MCT Day 26 yesterday and didn’t.  I knew I was supposed to.  I even thought about it earlier in the day.  Still, I forgot until about 9:30 PM and by then I was tired, the kids were in bed, and it was just too late to make it happen.

I will make it up today and hope that it doesn’t make me too sore to do it again tomorrow.

Max Capacity Training Day 26 uses a Tabata protocol:

  1. High Knee Jumps: 7
  2. Wall Hand Walkouts: 20
  3. 1 Leg Hip Bridge: 14
  4. Invisible Chair: 20

I’ll post results and a review here this evening.

Even on my lowest rounds I managed to do 7 high knee jumps, 20 SECONDS of hand walkouts (plank), 14 one leg hip bridges and 20 seconds of invisible chair on Day 26.  For totals of 71 high knee jumps, 160 SECONDS of hand walkouts (plank), 124 one leg hip bridges and 160 seconds of invisible chair.

Well that sucked.  I did fine but man do I hurt.  Luckily, for motivation, I had my elder daughter doing the workout with me.   She kicked my butt. 😉


Plan for Week 32.

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No Yes No No
Monday Yes (21) Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes (20) Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Thursday Yes Yes No No Yes
Friday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes No



2 responses to “Day 223 (R, 110811) — Forgetfulness; Max Capacity Training Day 26

  1. I have that problem bad. It especially sucks when I have a burst of projects come up at work. If I don’t put stuff in google calender, set alarms, or write everything down I easily forget multiple things. And speaking of organization, I really like that table you put in the bottom of your posts, awesome idea!

    BTW, I’ve been reading for maybe 2 weeks now and never got around to posting / introducing myself, so hi!

    • Nice to meet you, Justin, and thank you for the comment. It’s interesting that you chose today to comment; I just discovered your site today (though I can’t remember where I found the link).

      Keep working, Justin. Down 14 pounds in just four weeks is awesome. =)

      That table helps me focus and keeps me honest. It’s sort of a pain to have to copy it over each day from the previous post but you do what you gotta do, neh?

      Work smart and work strong,

      New John

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