Day 222 (W, 110810) — Eating Each Other

Heading a little bit off the diet-talk-reservation here . . .*

Yesterday, I talked about eating together.  Today I want to talk about eating each other.  It’s ZOMBIE TIME!!! =D

Got Brains?

Got Brains?

I think I’ve only hinted at it once or twice on this blog, but I am a big zombie fan.  I thought I’d share my love of all things shambling with you guys.

I play zombie games.**  I own zombie t-shirts.  I listen to zombie books.  I even talk about zombies and survival tactics with friends.  (We’d so definitely make it. ;-))

My favorite zombie books are:

I have lots more on my Wish List.  Bourne has a new one coming out. DiLouie has a few more I want to check out.  Plus there are Z. A. Recht’s Morningstar Strain books and a few from Peter Clines (Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots) I am itching to get hold of.

And of course, since I haven’t yet, I absolutely must get a hold of Max Brooks’ World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, the first infection of the most recent horde of zombie books. 😉

Besides books, there are some other fun things around the web.

For instance, has some excellent zombie-related articles:***

They also have some useful advice:

Even the gov’t is getting into the act:

Other fun “out there” books (not necessarily zombie-related) include:

  • I am Legend (the original book, not any of the crappy movies; it’s about vampires but still is really good)
  • The Road (post-apocalypse cannibalism; not exactly zombies but still a great read)

Have a dead day! =)


Update from Thursday, 110811. I should have had my MCT workout stuff here.  I forgot.  I also forgot to do the workout until it was too late.  I wonder if there’s a connection here…..


Plan for Week 32.

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No Yes No No
Monday Yes (21) Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes (20) Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes No


*Well, not totally un-diet-related: brains are an excellent source of fat and can be a tasty addition to any low-carb diet. =D
** See also: ZOMBIES!!!,, Urban Undead, and a Vampire game.
*** They even have one totally unrealistic article about zombies: 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly). They should fire that guy for being such a downer. The zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen? What a jerk!

6 responses to “Day 222 (W, 110810) — Eating Each Other

  1. You need more sleep. 🙂 My husband is currently reading the Zombie Survival Guide. Good to be prepared for these things.

    • At least one of you has some sense, Sue. 😉 =D

      Remember: guns are great after Z-Day, but they should be suppressed. Otherwise, the noise will just draw the rest of the zombies to you.

      Don’t underestimate the value of a good melee weapon (sword, machete, war hammer, pole, etc.). 😉

  2. What do you think of the new breed of fast-running zombies as seen in 28 days and I am Legend? I prefer the old George Romero slow, swarming zombies. My favorite zombie movie is the original Dawn of the Dead. But I love the slapstick of Army of Darkness. OMG, have you seen Evil Dead: The Musical? I caught it in Calgary

    • Actually, I kinds like the twist of the fast zombies. While there is something to adore about the relentless slow-zombie approach, I think the fast zombies offer a new route of tactics and strategy to explore.

      One of the coolest things about the Armageddon series is his take on super-zombies . . . .

      When the gov’t nukes large cities in an attempt to kill many zombies as once, they succeed . . . with (as usual with gov’t actions) severe unintended consequences: zombies that were just outside the blast zone but who received a large dose of radiation, decayed more slowly, moved faster, and seemed smarter than regular zombies.

      I thought this was a great twist which allowed Bourne to mix the two kinds of zombies.

      As for Evil Dead: the Musical . . . nope. Haven’t even heard of it. Was it as good as it sounds? =D

      • I should check out the Armageddon series.
        Evil Dead: the musical exceeded my expectations.
        The first 5 rows are dubbed ‘The Splatter Zone’ (play clothes recommended), and yes, I paid the extra $20 to sit there 🙂

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