Day 217 (F, 110805) — Another Resource to Help You – has the best 4HB support group I’ve found.

The people on it are supportive, interesting, and creative.  We’ve tried dozens of experiments, shared our experience, and gotten thoughtful feedback.

We motivate each other and even give each other a little kick in the butt when needed. also has useful bodyweight, bodyfat, and exercise trackers.  (They have lots more trackers if you join the site.)

Check it out.


It’s not even 100 right now…

weather 110805

I think I’ll go for a little jog.  Stats when I get back. 😉

Update. Well, I went . . . and almost immediately turned back.

My ankle felt weird along my Achilles tendon and so I decided not to test it.  It was a different twinge than my what I’ve felt from my injury a few weeks ago.

Then, I turned my ankle under from the outside, in.  This was behind my ankle and I;m not sure why it felt that way.  Besides, we’ll have help with the kids tonight so I plan to get up at 4 and run my long route tomorrow morning.

I’ll have plenty of chance to screw it up then. 😉

Stats for today:

  • Distance: 0.91 mi
  • Duration: 0:14:04
  • Average Pace: 15:30 / mi
  • Average Speed: 3.87 mph
  • Calories Burned: 126
  • Climb: 48

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