Day 212 (Su, 110731) — Exercising on a Screwed Up Schedule

My Former Exercise Schedule. I am trying to figure out how to exercise on my new schedule, i.e. no schedule.

Previously, I ran in the mornings and worked out in the afternoons.

On work days, I’d get up around 4 AM and run until about 5:30 or so.  These runs would cover ~5.75 to 6.50 miles.  On weekends, I’d go around 5 AM and run until 8 or so, covering about 8.5 miles.

My workouts, Max Capacity Training, would take 20 minutes and I’d do them in the evening, after I got home from work, around 6 PM.

What To Do Now? I think I can work the MCT back into my schedule.  That should not be too much trouble. (x Crosses fingers! x)

But I really miss running and am at a loss about how to find time to be out for several hours without burdening Mrs. New John.

The only thing I can think of is to get a jogging stroller and take the kids with me but somehow I am not sure this will work with newborns.  One-year-olds?  Sure, but one-week-olds?  Maybe not so much.

I could try to run when the kids are napping but they only rarely nap for more than an hour or so.  When they do, there’s no way to tell if this is gonna be one of those times or not.

I could try to run only when we have company over who could help with the kids (but that’s sort of rude, donchathink?).

I could hire someone to come help take care of the kids and go when they are here but that would get expensive.  Plus, I’m not willing to pay extra to have someone here in the early morning when it is cool enough to run.

I suppose I could run in the afternoon when someone is here to help but that may give me heat stroke….

Add to this that right now I am off work for one more week while we adjust to life with the twins, but next week I’ll go back to work and that will remove even more hours from my potential schedule.

Anybody out there know of a (plausible!) way for me to have time to run?


3 responses to “Day 212 (Su, 110731) — Exercising on a Screwed Up Schedule

  1. As you’ve said, babysitters get expensive. A treadmill is even more expensive. How about an indoor track that you could hit on the way home from work, 2-3 days a week? The cost shouldn’t be too prohibitive. It’s not as fun as running outdoors, but at least it’s air conditioned.

  2. While babies are napping is good, then Mrs New John has a quiet house for an hour or so and a little bit of time on her own. Recuperating from a C-Section is tough (been there, twice), but a little time on her own helps her also to prepare for when you are back to work. Also, you don’t have to run that far. Work on your 5k time for a while rather than distance, perhaps?

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