Day 210 (F, 110729) — Plateaus

My 4HB buddy Mark over at Let’s Get Small is stuck in a plateau.  Do me a favor and head over there and offer him any hints and hacks which you have found help you get past a doldrums.

When I plateau for a significant time, I always find that I have let myself slip and I am gaming the system in lots of little ways.

Nothing big like taking Cheat Meals every day or something, but maybe I’m allowing myself some Reddi Whip on my nightly sf jello and excusing that one piece of dark chocolate each evening and telling myself it’s ok to just have that one nibble of the office birthday cake and having some extra cream in my coffee each morning and and and and….

To get past it, and I have to admit my track record of overcoming plateaus is not stellar, I re-evaluate my program from top to bottom and look for those Cheats.

Getting back to basics, focusing on the core principles of the program seems to be the best advice I have to offer.  Instead of trying to find the magic bullet you can add to the habits you are currently inculcating, take away everything until you are back to doing the most important element of the program and only those elements.

Do them exactly and consistently and my bet is you will find your plateau start to trend downward again.  It may not be a steep change in your tracking line, but it will most likely be a positive change and that’s what counts when battling the evil forces of P.L.A.T.E.A.U.*

From that point, reevaluate the other things you added over time and pick the one, the very best one, to reincorporate into your daily routine.

Work smart and work strong,

New John


* People Leading All Tempting Eats Against U


One response to “Day 210 (F, 110729) — Plateaus

  1. Thanks John! For some reason, my office computer will not let me comment on your blog. I tried from my phone earlier but for some reason several of those did not work today. Hope you have a great weekend with the family.


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