Day 203 (F, 110722) — Preparing for my 2 Week Diet Break

Today is the last day of my diet for a while now: tomorrow is a free day and Sunday starts my 2 Week Diet Break.

Why?  Because my boys will be born no later than Monday.*  (Yeah. =D)

So now I need to plan for surviving this time . . .

1) I need to firmly resolve that this will not be a 2 Week Free Day.  The idea is spend two weeks in a maintenance phase even though I have not yet reached my goals for either body weight or body fat percent.

It is not license to go nuts and undo everything I’ve done to this point.  I know I could regain 15 pounds in these two weeks if I put my mind to it.  (Heck, I could regain it if I simply refused to engage my mind at all.)

2) I will eat between 100-200 grams of carbohydrates per day, specifically not following SCD (all the time), and not doing IF (all the time).  It isn’t going to be easy.

I know from past experience that I have a tendency to go all-or-nothing when it comes to my diet — either I am really good or I am really bad; I rarely find a middle ground.

To help keep myself feeling full, I will continue to eat lots of protein — steaks, chicken breasts, tuna, etc. — to help dampen my desire for carbs.

I will also avoid snacking, my most dangerous bad habit when I fall off (or purposely dismount) the wagon.   I know I am a snacker.   That’s why IF helps me so much.  If I can’t eat anything, it’s easier not to eat bad things.  But if I am not doing IF . . . .

Eating a moderate level of carbs is definitely my biggest challenge on this break. (And it will be great training for this phase when I do finally reach my goals.)

I know I can do low carbs or high carbs but I need more ways to make sure I eat a “reasonable amount” of carbs without going nuts.

If anyone has ideas to help me my moderate carb intake, please share them.

I need all the help I can get on this.

3) I plan to exercise, but not as much.  I am still going to walk/jog as I can but I’ll put off resuming Max Capacity Training for at least another week if not two.  My ankle is doing well enough to head out onto the trail but not well enough to be jumping up and down, back and forth, as MCT would have me do.

Plus, with the new babies, I may well be up at 4 AM many days, but either unable or unwilling to go out on the road.  Maybe a double jogging stroller would help . . . . 😉

4) I’ll weigh in tomorrow and on August 6, but not on the middle Saturday of this break.  Who knows, I may take the advice I’ve seen in many places around the web and decide to stop weighing myself at all.  I doubt it, knowing how I like having definitive markers with which to gauge my progress or lack thereof, but who knows.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.  It’s been a good week and I think it might be a good weigh in.  We shall see. =)


Plan for Week 29:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday Yes Yes No No
Monday Yes Yes ? No No
Tuesday Yes Yes Yes (3.10)
Wednesday Yes Yes** ? No No
Thursday Yes Yes No Yes (5.46) No
Friday Yes Yes ? No No
Saturday No No ? No


* As my wife said a few days ago: “All right babies!  Come out with your heads down or we’re coming in after you!  You have one week to decide!” 😉
** Wednesday night I ate a little bit off-SCD: I had 4 pretzel M&Ms and a Dove dark chocolate square with a spoonful of all-natural no-sugar-added peanut butter.  Not a big deal but I want to make sure this record of my journey is complete.

5 responses to “Day 203 (F, 110722) — Preparing for my 2 Week Diet Break

  1. Your wife us very funny. Love the comment.

    If I were you, I would stick to lean gains- style IF. Easier not to have to prepare breakfast (especially since your family’s clock will be all screwed up). Just a thought.

    I also found my babies would soothe nicely if, while holding them, I did squats (or lunges, plié) and I had an exercise ball to bounce in with them. If you are going to be up at ridiculous hours, you might as well make the best of it.

    Thinking about you and especially your wife this weekend. Easy labor (or easy whatever the exit strategy may end up being).

    As you say, stay strong!

    • I don’t think I’ll do IF to begin with but, if things look like they are getting out of hand, you’re right that it would be the easiest thing to add back.

      “Exit strategy”

      LOL . . . love it. =)

      Great idea about adding exercises while holding the babies. I wonder if they’ll enjoy squats.

  2. The other option for weighing yourself would be to weigh more often, even daily. That way you could make frequent adjustments if things started getting out of hand.

    Praying all goes well with the births.

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