Day 199 (M, 110718) — Grateful42Day

A non-diet-related post today to share a blog by a friend of mine: Grateful42Day.

Each day, Brandon posts something he is grateful for.  Some are about his family.  Some are about work.  Some are about his hobbies and passions.  All are fun to read.

He’s a gifted writer and has a knack for making me smile and reflect on the good things in my life while reading about his.

As far as Olympic events go, it most closely resembles the broad jump.  Actually, I don’t know if that is still an Olympic event or not, but it is called the “superJUMP.” The event is in standard rotation in our house any time my daughter has to move in declination from any platform with a delta of greater than 3 inches between departure and arrival spots.  While any staircase, bench, log or rock platform can provide a practice area, her true, colosseum-worthy efforts are reserved for the Jeep’s rear, passenger side doorway.

Functionally, it begins in standing position with the request of “Fingers!”  At this cry, my job (presumably as a spotter?) is to assist in stability by allowing my daughter to latch on to my pointing finger — or fingers depending on confidence level — as a guide to ground.  The second major position is to air squat, bottom-on-departure-site, in preparation for kinetic explosion.  It is a move that humans cannot pull off or even try once they understand how a knee works.  The final act is to scream “superJUMP!” with the emphasis on ‘jump’ as potential energy becomes kinetic, airborne, and volitile.

As evidenced by the letters of appreciation and holiday wishes we get from the makers of various first-aid cremes, landings are not consistent.  Some are finger-gripping ugly saves, while others are clean finger-free, uncoordinated rolls to ground.  Faceplants have been endured and others are clutched, careful, two-foot plants.

I am just grateful they are always “super.”

Today, I am grateful that my daughters are home from a trip to their uncle’s wedding.  Thanks to my in-laws for getting up early, after a long night celebrating the happy event, to bring them to the airport for the return trip.  And thanks to my friend for getting them the tickets to fly back and forth so no one had to drive to make it happen.

Have a good one, folks. =)


Plan for Week 29:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday Yes Yes No No
Monday Yes Yes ? No No
Tuesday Yes Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes ? No
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes ? No
Saturday No No ? No

I made an executive decision last night around 11:30 PM not to run this morning.  Between not being able to fall asleep and rationalizing (correctly and honestly) that my ankle would do well to have another day off, I purposely decided to wait until tomorrow to take my second walk since injuring myself last week.

Tonight I need to get to sleep early so I can head out in the morning.  Wish me luck. 😉


I am still looking for ways to “better” my walks / runs.  On Saturday I added 20 pushups to every mile and bought some Heavy Hands to use for light-weight / high-rep curls and shoulder pressesHone Improvement suggested I do dips, too.

Anybody have other exercise ideas I can work into my running
while I wait for my ankle to heal?


One response to “Day 199 (M, 110718) — Grateful42Day

  1. Thanks for the post and the reminder. We all need to stop and be thankful more often. Love the idea of the daily blog.

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