Day 198 (Su, 110717) — Plan for Week 29

My brother’s visit this past week offered me plenty of excuses to ditch the diet and I took four Cheat Days (not Free Days) in a row.  Bad juju.

I did some IF W-F, sprained my ankle, walked anyway Saturday morning, and the damage came out to be about 5 pounds.  Ugh.  Not good considering the run of good results I’d had lately.

The only bright spot is that I stayed at 200 pounds and didn’t hit 201.  Theoretically, it should not be too difficult to go back under 200.  (Crosses fingers….)

All that as background, here’s my plan for Week 29:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday Yes Yes No No
Monday Yes Yes ? No
Tuesday Yes Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes ? No
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes ? No
Saturday No No ? No

It’s pretty aggressive, food-wise: fasting + SCD every day until Free Day next Saturday.

You might also have noticed the question marks in the Run column.  That’s easy to explain: my ankle is still weak and I don’t know how much I can do on it.

I know I can walk on it — I proved that yesterday morning — but even little things like trying to sit cross-legged make it tweak.  This makes me doubt the wisdom of doing pretty much anything that might turn it a direction other than straight-up-and-down, slowly.

I am on Week 9 of Max Capacity Training.  Exercises for this week are:

  1. High Knee Jumps
  2. Wall Hand Walkouts
  3. 1 Leg Hip Bridge
  4. Invisible Chair

I could probably handle #s 2, 3, and 4 without too much ankle trouble but I am fairly certain that High Knee Jumps would end up in catastrophic failure.  This leaves me with walking as my only exercise.

In order to pump up my walking / running a bit until I can get back to my real workouts, I started yesterday by adding 20 pushups to every mile and bought some Heavy Hands to use for light-weight / high-rep curls and shoulder presses as I move along.

My 4HB buddy Hone Improvement, suggested I look for places to do dips as well so I’ll add that into the mix for next time.

(I wish I still lived near White Rock Lake; it has pull-up bars and other exercise stations along the trail.)

Anybody have other exercise ideas I can work into my running while I wait for my ankle to heal enough to restart MCT?


2 responses to “Day 198 (Su, 110717) — Plan for Week 29

    • Thanks for the suggestion, HI. The rubber band exercises might be good but for now, the balancing techniques just look dangerous. I do not think my ankle could handle the stress and would collapse. Maybe as time goes by….

      Also, once things get healthy again, I expect these sorts of exercises and stretches would be good to help keep my ankles flexible and strong.


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