Day 196 (F, 110715) — A Day Off

Today is a day off from work so I am taking a day off from blogging as well.1

Maybe the boys will come today.  Ah, the possibilities….


I did well yesterday and the day before: two days of 21-hour fast and a solid SCD meal.  No cheats.  Yeah!

I plan to fast today as well.  I hope it works.  Since I will be with my family and not at home most of the day, strong will and solid avoidance tactics will be in high demand today.


Plan for Week 28 — with columns 3 and 4 shot to hell:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No Yes No2 No No
Monday No Yes No2 Yes (5.90) Yes No
Tuesday No Yes No2 No No  Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes (5.90) Yes No
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Saturday No No Yes No No
Red indicates a negative deviation from the plan. Green indicates either a positive/planned deviation from the plan or a measure of achievement according to plan.


1 I wrote this on Thursday and set it to autopost today. Ain’t I a stinker? 😉
2 I had (an) extra Free Meal(s) on these days.

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