Day 194 (W, 110713) — Four Consecutive Cheat Days

The Problem.  Yesterday was yet another Free Cheat Day.  That makes four in a row.

I have not risen to the challenge of being away from work and home.  I am not around my normal control routines and have failed to find either the will to persevere anyway or alternative mechanisms to limit / eliminate cheating.

The Rationalizations. Yesterday the excuses were:

  1. Well, first there was no excuse: I ate a non-SCD “snack” before having a good SCD breakfast.  I could have chosen not to.  I did not.
  2. Second was that I was out at a museum for lunch and to eat SCD there I would have had to order a lot of very expensive food and eaten just the meat out of the various breads holding them in.  The cookie and chips probably did not help.
  3. Third was going to our family’s long-time favorite restaurant with my brother and his wife and kids.  The most egregious fault there was the flan.  Delicious but I could certainly have failed to order it.
  4. The ice cream when we got back to the house was definitely overkill.

All excuses.  Nothing imperative.

If you are tempted to tell me anything like “Don’t be so hard on yourself” or “Don’t beat yourself up about it” well, that’s not what I need to hear.

I’ve screwed up and need to get back on track.  I need to be honest with myself about what’s happening or I know I’ll end up defaulting, so to speak, on my plan.

Add to the negative food experiences the fact that I did not do my Max Capacity Training workout yesterday to make up for missing it on Monday and you’ll see just what sort of place I am in.  (My only saving grace this week, small as it is, is that I ran Monday and today.)

The Plan. How am I going to even try to begin to imagine a dream about how to fix all this?  Here is what I am going to do the rest of the week:1

  • I will fast today and tomorrow while I am at work.
  • I will eat SCD tonight and tomorrow for dinner.
  • I will not do MCT this week.  I will take a week off from it and start it up again next week.  So the change from Yes to No for MCT on Wednesday and Friday below are not “red” changes but a “green” ones.
  • I will run Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or some combination of those days.  Which ones and how many remain to be seen.  Any changes to that column will also be “green” ones.

Friday’s diet will again be difficult.  I’ll be off work and around family and all the attendant temptations.  Here’s one more thing I hope to do this week:

  • I hope to keep myself busy on Friday, fast until dinner, eat SCD, and not snack during the day.

We’ll see if my new-found resolve, and maybe a few avoidance tactics, will make this happen.

What do you think?  Got any tips for me?


On the bright side, my run this morning went well.  I felt good despite waking up at 3:30 and was able to start and finish with a good kick.  I really needed this run today.  I think, I hope, that it will be the catalyst which puts me back into the groove. Stats for today:

  • Distance: 5.90 mi
  • Duration: 1:07:39
  • Average Pace: 11:28 / mi
  • Average Speed: 5.23 mph
  • Calories Burned: 943
  • Elevation Climb: 290 ft


Plan for Week 28:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No Yes No2 No No
Monday No Yes No2 Yes (5.90) Yes No
Tuesday No Yes No2 No No  Yes No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes (5.90) Yes No
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Saturday No No Yes No
Red indicates a negative deviation from the plan. Green indicates either a positive/planned deviation from the plan or a measure of achievement according to plan.


1 As always: assuming the boys are not born. If they are, I will count this past Sunday as the start of my 2 Week Diet Break and we’ll play it by ear from there.
2 I had (an) extra Free Meal(s) on these days.

2 responses to “Day 194 (W, 110713) — Four Consecutive Cheat Days

  1. My coping mechanism is to use fasting creatively. For example, I would either have not eaten at the museum, or would have ordered one thing (salad or sandwich) and eaten a lot less than I normally would have. You don’t have to order 3 expensive sandwiches. You don’t have to eat volume, you know how to get through a fast.

    As for the desserts and cookies and stuff, no idea how to help there. Call it a lapse of judgement.
    You will do better today.

    • Good idea about eating enough to semi-satisfy and waiting until the chance to get some real food comes around. Shoulda thought of that….

      And yeah, I should be OK today. Friday, we’ll see if we can avoid another “lapse in judgment.”

      Thanks, Sue. Have a good one.

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