Day 187 (W, 110706) — From Gaming to Cheating to Quitting, Part 1; Max Capacity Training Day 23

The (Mostly) Acceptable Beginning (aka The Symptom).  In the past few months, I have allowed myself to indulge in a dessert which, done correctly, is a good fit with low carb/SCD diets: sugar-free jello with some whipped topping.

True, the dairy is marginally off-limits on the 4HB SCD plan, but it is not the end of the world when enjoyed in moderation.  Hells, I don’t even take cream with my coffee anymore, I can handle a serving of Whippo.

The Descent into Cheating.  As with most good things, however, and in perfect continuity with my prior bad habits, I have perverted what should be a good little reward into a diet-buster.

It all started with about a cup of sf jello + just a bit of the whipped topping, maybe a tablespoon or two.

Well, I quickly learned that my favorite part of this dessert was the creaminess of the topping.  So I began to have it more often, sometimes eating two bowls in a single evening.

Then I began to add more Reddi-Whip.  It started slowly . . . going from 1 or 2 tablespoons up to probably 3 or 4 . . . or 10.

Monday night, I caught myself slathering on an inch-high “serving” over the entire bowl.  Yes, I ate it anyway, despite realizing my impending doom.

The Pattern.  So now I have to own up to my deliberate sliding, my gaming the system.

I’ve realized for a week or so that I am beginning to fall off of the 4HB plan in bits and pieces in several areas.

I recognize in myself a pattern which I can trace in my abandoning of Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim Fast, etc. over the years.  Always before, I’ve slowly, incrementally:

  • stopped doing one or two of the things I am supposed to be doing
  • stopped doing, or started gaming, a few more
  • started gaining weight (or stop losing and plateau for a damn long time)
  • become frustrated with my lack of progress
  • stared to rationalizing more and more cheating
  • said “Fuck it, it’s too hard” and quit
  • gained back all the weight I’ve lost and probably a bit more

The Cliffhanger.  What will happen to our intrepid hero?  Will he survive?  Will he find a way out of the deadly trap the Evil Emperor has lain for him?

Tune in tomorrow.  Same John time.  Same John channel!


Enough drama.  I planned to go running this morning but did not.

I was sleepy from being up late and taking an antihistamine to control my allergies.  This morning I was looking for an excuse and my very pregnant wife gave me one: she’d not slept well, was having minor contractions, and wanted to talk for a while.

As excuses go, this is a pretty darn good one, but I still could have gone for at least an abbreviated trot.  I did not.  I went back to bed for an hour or so instead.

Maybe tomorrow.  I simply must get to sleep earlier tonight if I want that to happen.  Which, of course, leads to . . .


. . . assuming there are no babies born this afternoon or evening, today will be Max Capacity Training Day 23. I’ll post my results this afternoon when I’m done.  This is the same four exercises from Monday (Day 22) using a Tabata time protocol.  Friday will be a wash, rinse, repeat using Time Attack.

On my lowest rounds, I still managed to do:

  • Crocodile Pushups: 9
  • Deck Squat Jumps: 5
  • 1 Leg Wall Squat: 20 seconds
  • Jack Knives: 10

For totals of 74 crocodile push-ups, 40 deck squat jumps, 160 seconds of 1 leg wall squat and 90 jack knives.

All of the exercises seemed killer tonight.  Maybe it’s because I did them so late in the day, but I think it is probably just the Tabata protocol that is still kicking my butt every time….


Plan (and Reality) for Week 27:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday Yes No No No
Monday Yes No Yes Yes (6.61) Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes No No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Thursday Yes Yes No No
Friday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saturday No No Yes No
NB: I changed my planned runs this week to be on MWF, just like my MCT workouts.  I plan to give my body some rest on Tuesday and Thursday.
Red indicates a negative deviation from the plan.  Green indicates either a positive deviation from the plan or a measure of achievement according to plan.

Leave a comment if you want . . .

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