Day 182 (F, 110701) — Resisting Temptation; Max Capacity Training Day 21

No run this morning . . . 24 miles in four days is plenty.  I’ll do my normal 8.25 mile weekend run tomorrow.

===== had a pretty good article the other day about staying on track when temptation calls.

10 Tips to Keep from Overeating at a Party: Resist Temptation at Your Next Celebration

  • Limit your alcohol.
  • Eat before you go.
  • Survey the spread before you fill your plate.
  • Use a smaller plate, or commit to just one round of food.
  • Bring a dish, if appropriate.

There’s more . . . go read the whole thing.  It’s pretty good stuff.

Hone Improvement, are you listening? 😉


Today is the Time Attack version of this week’s workout: Max Capacity Training workout, Day 21.  I’ll post results here later this afternoon.  Target numbers are listed.  I’ll post the results in parentheses this afternoon when I’m done.

  • Burpees: 48 (50)
  • Cross Hops: 75 (80)
  • Cliff Scalers: 66 (70)
  • Incline Dips: 117 (120)
  • Time: 13:28

I’m pooped.  Time to go break my fast…..


Plan for Week 26:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No Yes (Fail)1 Yes No
Monday Yes Yes Yes (5.75) Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes Yes (5.83) No
Wednesday Yes Yes Yes (5.80) Yes
Thursday Yes Yes Yes (5.91) No
Friday Yes Yes No Yes
Saturday No No Yes No

1) I took an extra Free Day Sunday for no good reason.


3 responses to “Day 182 (F, 110701) — Resisting Temptation; Max Capacity Training Day 21

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the spark article. I like the ‘appetizers as a meal’ bit. But, I equally dislike the ‘limit your alcohol’ bit. 🙂

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