Day 177 (Su, 110626) — Avoiding Temptation

My 4HB buddy Mark has a few ideas about Free Day.

…never purchase anything to consume on Free Day except on that day, or the night before.  There’s just too much temptation, otherwise….If you buy something to eat on Free Day, make sure it’s either all gone on that day or you throw whatever is left away.

I like that he picked up on the idea of distinguishing between Free and Cheat. I think it’s an important one.  For those playing at home:

FREE = you are allowed to eat things which are not normally part of your diet; do this in a planned and controlled way

CHEAT = you eat things not on your diet in an uncontrolled, impulsive way

Free Days and Meals are part of many diets (explicitly so in 4 Hour Body) and they make sense within that framework of the program.

Cheating is not supposed to happen on any diet.  It happens, though.  I still do it.  Mark does it.  Most of us do it at one time or another.

The trick is to find ways to (1) minimize the temptation, (2) minimize the damage, and (3) provide alternatives when the lure is present.. That way it is easier to consciously make the right choice and still satisfy our sweet/salty/savory/whatever tooth.

Work smart and work strong!


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