Day 176 (Sa, 110625) — Results for Week 25

Plan Reality for Week 25:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No No No No
Monday Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes 5.8 x (rain) No
Wednesday Yes Yes No x (5.93) Yes
Thursday Yes Yes 5.8 √ (3.13) No
Friday Yes x* Yes x* No Yes
Saturday No No 8 √ (8.27) No

Results.  Once more, I felt skinny all week.  My wedding ring stayed loose which is a first: I’ve never had two “loose ring” weeks in a row.  =D

I ate well, ran 17+ miles, and exercised well.   Another fantastic week.   How’d it all work out?  May I have a drumroll, please? . . .

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 00: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9
Week 24: 110618 198.7 24.5 48.7
Week 25: 110625 197.5 24.3 47.8
Δ from last -1.2 -0.2 -0.9
Δ from start -31.0 -5.4 -20.1

110625 Results Graphs

As I said last week, much of my previous loss was “water weight” and it was difficult to keep it from coming back.  A solid week of eating well and exercising did the trick and I managed to make June my best month in a damn long time: four straight weeks of fat loss, down 4.7 pounds and 1.1% bodyfat.

Those aren’t great numbers for someone just starting out, but for me (six months into the program), I think they are great and I’ll take all the encouragement I can from them. =)


I ran my long weekend route this morning. Stats for today:

  • Distance: 8.27 mi
  • Duration: 1:44:39
  • Average Pace: 12:39 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.74 mph
  • Calories Burned: 1285
  • Elevation Climb: 483 ft

What a great morning!  The weather was perfect.  I was well rested and felt good.  I enjoyed the Sacrament of Coffee** three miles into my run.  Wonderful! =)

Plus I set a new personal record for the most miles jogged in a month today (68.6***) and I still have until Thursday to add to that.  I will try to run at least three times between now and then, seeing if I can get my total up to about 80 for the month.

I’ll let you know how it worked out come Thursday.


*I had a double cheeseburger (no bun) at about 14 or 15 hours into my fast on Friday.  I did not reach the recommended 16-hour minimum to count as fasting and the cheese was non-SCD.
** A phrase I believe I first heard in Larry Niven’s The Mote in God’s Eye. . . but when I searched the book I could not find it.  Strange.
*** Not to mention the 4.9 miles I’ve walked this month. 😉

3 responses to “Day 176 (Sa, 110625) — Results for Week 25

  1. Wow, awesome results! Your May-June weight loss progress is obviously steeper than your Jan-May results. That’s the opposite of what one would expect. Why do you think that is?

    • The most important change I have made recently has been the addition of Intermittent Fasting to my daily routine during the week. I have also been doing Max Capacity Training for the past six weeks, and running more than before.

      All of this helps, I am sure, but I expect that the IF has been the primary reason I’ve seen great results this month despite being six months into the program.

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