Day 171 (M, 110620) — Planning My Week, Max Capacity Training Day 16

Planning to Win. For the past two weeks, I’ve used my Saturday Results post to recap my diet and activity.

Thinking about it, it occurred to me that maybe actually planning the week ahead might be helpful as well.  Yeah, yeah . . . who knew? 😉

Plan for Week 25:

Day Fast? SCD? Run? MCT?
Sunday No No No No
Monday Yes Yes No Yes
Tuesday Yes Yes 5.8 No
Wednesday Yes Yes No Yes
Thursday Yes Yes 5.8 No
Friday Yes Yes No Yes
Saturday No No 8 No

When I post my results for the week I’ll repost this table with notes for any goals I missed or changed.

Until I finish MCT, this schedule will likely be my default plan for the week.  I’m not sure what will replace MCT at that point.  We shall see.

The most likely changes are unplanned runs on days when I am energetic and wake up early and spontaneous lunches out with friends & coworkers.  If I know of changes ahead of time, such as a planned lunch during the week, I’ll mark it on the schedule.

I think this will help me pinpoint the source of success or failure by giving me a handy record of where I followed the plan and where I slipped.

What do you think?


Today’s Workout.  Max Capacity Training, Day 16 is scheduled for this afternoon.  I’ll do Jump Squats, Indian Lift, Alternating Splits, and Dips using a Time Attack protocol.

Using the formula [(Day 10 results + Day 13 results) * 3], I get the following goals for today’s workout:

  • Jump Squats: 153 (153)
  • Indian Lift: 162 (162)
  • Alternating Splits: 105 (105)
  • Dips: 108 (108)
  • Time: 11:21

As in my previous Time Attack workouts, I’ll split this into 10 rounds of all four exercises.

I’ll post my actual results sometime this evening.



Food. Since most days will be fasting and an SCD dinner, I have decided to forgo recording my food intake unless something alters the plan.

On days when I follow the plan, I’ll assume that I had some combination of my normal intake:

  • Supplements before a run
  • Monster Zero and/or black coffee in the morning
  • Bouillon with soy sauce and hot sauce for a snack
  • Something SCD-friendly for dinner

It just seems sort of useless to post the same bit of information day after day.  If something is different, I’ll mark it down. That way I’ll have a record of how and when I made a change in case I stall.


5 responses to “Day 171 (M, 110620) — Planning My Week, Max Capacity Training Day 16

  1. NJ, Looking forward to great results for you this week. So are you basically eating once a day? Or are you eating for several hours in the evening?

    • I eat a big SCD meal when I get home around 5 or 6 PM.

      For example, the other day I ate:

      • ~1.5 cups of refried beans and salsa
      • An 8- to 10-oz steak with sauce made of mayo + Louisiana hot sauce
      • A whole bag of Green Giant Healthy Colors Farmer’s Blend vegetables
      • A large salad (3 cups worth or so) of romaine lettuce, 6-7 pepperoncinis, real bacon bits, and Ken’s Steakhouse Creamy Caesar dressing
      • Diet caffeine-free soda
      • Some sugar-free Jello with a bit of Reddi-Whip

      I also eat a smaller snack later in the evening, usually between 8 and 9 PM. Maybe some salami slices, a spoonful or two of all-natural peanut butter, an Atkins bar (rarely), some almonds, or something else along those lines. The snack is generally pretty small.

      The feeding window is about 4 hours or so but the vast majority of food is consumed in one big meal.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Justin. I’ll check it out.

      I’m still deciding if I want to find a program I can do at home (without buying a bunch of equipment) or if I plan to return to the gym.

      I have a kettlebell (45 lbs., I think) and some dumbbells (20 each) but it seems like I would likely need more than that to do these exercises. I’d at least need to get something to do pull-ups with but that’s a relatively small investment.

      I look forward to reading your article about the Kiwi workout. Care to offer a sneak preview? 😉

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