Day 168 (F, 110617) — New John, a Re-Introduction; Max Capacity Training Day 15

BIO. I am a forty-two year old family man with 3 (soon to be 5) kids and a wife who is definitely my better half.

DIETING IN PUBLIC. I started 4HB on January 1 and blog about it at here at New John for a New Year.  So far, I have posted something every day.  It’s tough to come up with something worth writing but I try.

Why do I blog?  Because I am purposely “dieting in public.”  I am totally using you guys to keep me honest and to give me the feedback I need (both positive and negative) to stay on track and “just keep swimming.”

DAILYBURN.COM. It’s similar to why I visit the 4HB group so often and post when I can.  The motivation, the tips, the resources, etc., that I have gained through the people there have been a real help in my journey to a healthier me.

I use the weight and bodyfat tracker on DB because I like the graphs they produce.  I also track my weight and bodyfat on my weekly results posts and on my Results to Date page, using Excel to produce the graphs.

I did use the exercise tracker when I was doing Occam’s Protocol (see below) but have since stopped when I switched over to using Max Capacity Training.  (Which I heartily recommend!)

I never did use the nutrition tracker on DB (though I did use the one on SparkPeople for a while).

MY PROGRAM. I started with normal SCD.  Soon, I added PAGG.  Then I started experimenting.

I’ve tried all sorts of 1- to 2-week experiments:

  • Zero artificial sweeteners
  • Adding artificial sweeteners back
  • No caffeine
  • Occam’s Protocol
  • Max Capacity Training
  • No Free Day
  • Free Meals instead of Free Days
  • Intermittent Fasting (both Eat Stop Eat and Lean Gain styles)
  • Kombucha
  • Whey protein powder breakfasts
  • Purple Wraath and Jack3d as supplements
  • Using Cissus for my Free Days/Meals
  • Using Cissus for every meal, every day
  • Running 2-3 times per week
  • Barefoot running
  • New running shoes

For now, I have settled on what seems to be a pretty good system for me:

  • SCD for any meal not a Free Meal
  • 20- to 21-hour intermittent fasting 4-6 days per week
  • Max Capacity Training workouts, three times per week
  • (I sometimes workout fasted and it has proved not to be a problem)
  • Running 1-3 times per week in well-fitted running shoes; a 5- to 6-mile route during the week before work and a 7- to 10-mile route on the weekends
  • (If I can work in a second weekend run on the weekend, I do)
  • Purple Wraath and Jack3d before I run in the mornings (they are non-caloric and so don’t mess up my IF)
  • I stopped taking PAGG about two weeks ago and will likely not start up again
  • I use Cissus for Free Meals but not otherwise
  • Artificial sweeteners are allowed in moderation; Stevia when possible

RESULTS.  Since January 1, I am down 26+ pounds and about 4.5% bodyfat.

I feel great.  I look better than I have in a long time.  And I am confident that I can continue this program for as long as I want to. =)

Work smart and work strong!

New John


We will either find a way . . . or make one. — Hannibal


Max Capacity Training Workout Day 15 will be this evening.  Last week, on the 50-10 protocol, this turned out to be easier on my tris and harder on my legs than I had thought.  We’ll see how it feels on a Tabata protocol.

  • Snowboarder’s 180:
  • Plank In & Out:
  • Jump Kicks:
  • Dive Bomber: 

Nope.  Not today.  My hip flexors feel achy so I am going to put this off until tomorrow.  But I will do it tomorrow.

Have a great night, folks!


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