Day 167 (R, 110616) — Zombie – Run – Keeper

ZOMBIES!  I love zombies: zombie movies, zombie games, zombie t-shirts, zombie apps . . . zo much fun. 🙂

As you may know, I use RunKeeper to track my exercise.  They have a great app for smartphones, a website with lots of cool features, and reports which help me track my exercise by distance, pace, calories burned, etc.  All in all, they rock.  I recommend them highly.

The only problem I have is that their app does not play well with others.  If you try to use another app or the phone while running RunKeeper, it will often shut down requiring you to start a new activity.  Now your single run is in two parts.

A programmer out there who uses RK and knows of the problem has devised a workaround, but we are all still waiting for RK to officially fix the app to prevent this problem.

“What does this have to do with zombies?” you ask.

Well, I have another program on my phone called Zombie, Run! The idea is that while you run, the app uses GPS to track you and zombies in your area.

You set the level of the outbreak (Controlled, Early Local Infestation, Late Local Infestation, Total Pandemic) and type of zombie (Night of the Living Dead, 2 mph; Resident Evil, 5 mph; 28 Days Later, 8 mph) and then . . . run!

This morning I turned on RunKeeper and then started up Zombie, Run!  Luckily, RK kept on working in the background while ZR did its thing.

At first, I set it to Controlled Outbreak with NLD zombies.  Trouble was that there were too few zombies and they were so slow that I never really got close enough to one to make it fun. Then I upped the ante to Total Infestation and NLD zombies.  This was better but still too easy.  Finally, I went to Total Infestation with RE zombies and this was better.

The problem was that on the two occasions when a zombie got close to me,  the ZR app malfunctioned.  All of a sudden, the map went blank and I could not get it to show my location or that of the zombies.  Without this, there was no way to know where to run to “avoid” them and I died.

After the second unfortunate death, I turned it off and just finished my run.

Oh well . . . there’s another GPS-based zombie game called Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse which I’ll try on Saturday morning to see if (a) it works with RK and (b) works better than ZR.  It’s not the same idea as ZR (it’s a multi-player game where you try to get others and they you) but maybe it’ll be fun.  I’ll let you know.


QUESTION. Has anybody used RecordBreaker or Rhythm Runner?  Are they worth trying out?


FUNNY DISCLAIMER.  On a zombie app called Zombie Scanner, there is the following disclaimer:

Important Note: This is NOT a real Zombie scanner! If a Zombie apocalypse ever occurs this app will NOT help you determine who is really a Zombie! It’s simply a fun/novelty app and that’s it!


RUNNING. I wish I’d realized the need for a better pair of shoes a while ago and saved myself the uncomfortable consequences of running farther and farther in shoes which only aggravated my ankle problems.

My old “running” shoes were a pair of cheapo Sketchers I got on sale from Academy.  They protected my feet from glass and what not but that’s about it.  As I ran more, I ended up hurting my ankle more often than I ever needed to.

Between my new Brooks shoes and an increased awareness of how I land on my feet, I have gone for four runs now, covering a bit more than 30 miles in 8 days and my ankle is blissfully pain free.

On Saturday, I’ll go for another 8-mile+ run, this time without my ankle wrap. We’ll see how it goes.

Stats for today:

  • Distance: 5.84 mi
  • Duration: 1:11:15
  • Average Pace: 12:12 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.792 mph
  • Calories Burned: 963
  • Elevation Climb: 309 ft


FOOD. Today will be a normal SCD day.  I had some food at 9 PM last night and nothing caloric this morning.  Lunch will be hot wings with some friends.  Dinner will be a normal SCD dinner. I’ll fast again tomorrow.

Pre-Run Cocktail: two scoops each Purple Wraath and Jack3d

Breakfast: Monster Zero, coffee

Lunch: all-I-can-eat wings at Buffalo Wild Wings


Other food throughout the day:


4 responses to “Day 167 (R, 110616) — Zombie – Run – Keeper

  1. HI John, I’m curious about the Buffalo Wild Wings you eat. I was talking to my brother, hoping to get him on SCD and he asked me about BWW; I told him to avoid them if possible, thinking they were deep fried and covered in carb sauce. Was I wrong?

    • I love BWW. Their traditional wings are unbreaded and the sauce has very few carbs in it. You can certianly eat them on low carb and slow carb diets. I believe that the hot / medium / and mild flavors have about 2 carbs per 3 wings. The other sauces generally have much more and should be avoided.

      (The boneless wings are heavily breaded and strictly off limits.)

      Even so, I wouldn’t make it a habit of eating 50 at a time. Have them as a treat once in a while but you don’t have to hold off until a Free Day.

      The same general rules apply to Hooters except for one important exception: their normal wings are breaded. Make sure you order them “naked” and you’ll be fine.

      A bit of trivia for you: do you know how most wing places make their medium and mild sauces? They cut their hot sauce with butter. Yummy! 😉

      Enjoy. =)

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