Day 164 (M, 110613) — More on “Why We Get Fat”; Max Capacity Training Day 13

Why We Get Fat Review (cont.).  Yesterday, I began my review of Gary Taubes’ Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.

I covered some of the basics of Taubes’ argument including the idea that somewhere in the early Twentieth Century, we shifted from seeing obesity as a physiological problem to treating it as a behavioral (and thus moral) problem.

Today, as I delve deeper into the book, I am going to cover the idea of insulin resistance.

Cells can become resistant to the effects of insulin.  Here’s how it affects you . . .

  1. Your body wants cells to take up X amount of blood sugar.
  2. It secretes insulin to accomplish this.
  3. Your cells (mostly) ignore the insulin.
  4. Your cells do not take in as much blood sugar as your body wants.
  5. You body still wants X amount of sugar taken up.

Anyone care to guess how the body reacts to having its orders disobeyed?

Yep, pretty much the same as many parents do when their kids won’t do as they are told: it YELLS!

It puts out more insulin in an attempt to force the cells to rid the bloodstream of the sugar.  “Take it in, damn you!

Besides the simple fact of resisting the chemical messages sent to them,  your cells  do not necessarily do so to the same degree all over: maybe your muscles are resisting more; maybe your fat cells are.

If your muscles resist more, you get fat.  If your fat cells resist more, you have tons of extra energy in your muscles, desperate to be burned through activity.

Also, it can change as you go through life: it is common for someone to be skinny as a kid and then begin to gain weight as they age.  We say, “Their metabolism changed.” which translates to “Their muscles are becoming insulin resistant and their fat cells are taking up the slack.”


I want to discuss one more problem today: just thinking about food causes an insulin spike.

That’s right: even if you haven’t taken a bite, the insulin in your blood increases a bit when you think about food. And it increases even more if you think about food which — TADA! — will cause a higher insulin spike.

It’s as if your body is trying to make you hungry and trying to make you desire food which drives insulin higher.  It’s a vicious cycle which makes fat people fatter.

There is a solution.  I’ll cover that tomorrow.


Today’s Workout.  Max Capacity Training, Day 13 is scheduled for this afternoon.  I’ll do Jump Squats, Indian Lift, Alternating Splits, and Dips using a Tabata protocol (eight rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off).

Doing this workout under a 50-10 protocol was really tough on my tris.  I expect that doing this workout under a Tabata protocol is going to actually kill me.  [It’s been fun while it lasted, folks……]

Even on my lowest rounds, I scored . . .

  • Jump Squats: 16
  • Indian Lift: 14
  • Alternating Splits: 10
  • Dips: 10

That came out to be 129 jump squats, 136 seconds of Indian lift, 92 alternating splits, and 90 dips in 16 minutes.

And, as I predicted, I’m dead now . . . typing to you from beyond the grave….ugh.

If you wanted to see the dictionary definition of bad form, a video of the last set or two of each exercise would be Exhibit #1 for the prosecution.


Running. No running this morning.  Tomorrow will be a 5- to 6-mile outing.


Food.  Today is a 21-hour fast.

Wanna know “Why John Gets Fat”?  I do stupid things like have an extra Free Meal last night when I took my family to the KC pool.  We had a great time.  Yeah!  I ate bad foods.  Boo!  I really gotta stop doing this….

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: bouillon with hot sauce and a dash of soy sauce

Dinner: SCD dinner at home

Other food throughout the day:


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