Day 156 (Su 110605) — Results for Week 22, Max Capacity Training Bonus Workout

Last week included:

  • three Free Days
  • a Free Meal
  • four days of 20- to 21-hour fasts
  • four Max Capacity Training workouts, and
  • one run

How’d that work out for me?  Pretty well:

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 00: 110101 228.5 29.7 67.9
Week 21: 110528 202.1 25.4 51.3
Week 22: 110605 202.2 25.4 51.3
Δ from last +0.1 -0.0
Δ from start -26.3 -4.3 -16.6

110605 Results Graphs

So I managed to stay exactly even. I’ll call that a win and keep on keeping on.  =D

Today I’ll do I did the MCT Bonus Workout — a pyramid workout from 1-15 and back down again, squats and push-ups only.

I just did 225 push-ups and 255 squats in 16:56.*

Think you can do better? Take the challenge, do the workout, post your results…

Full disclosure: the last half** of the push-ups were easy (from my knees).  It was still unbelievably tough.  Seriously.

* I have to give credit to my 6 y.o. daughter for motivating me.  Not only did she do the workout with me (at least, she did her 6 y.o. version of it; I am very proud of her for this), she also pushed me to finish when I was ready to quit halfway through.  Thank you, sweetheart! 😀
** Actually, I did the final three regular. 😉

8 responses to “Day 156 (Su 110605) — Results for Week 22, Max Capacity Training Bonus Workout

    • I’m glad we agree. Since my goal right now is fat loss and conditioning, MCT is a good program for me.

      We’re in different points in the journey toward health: I’m still in the weight loss phase and you seem to be in the muscle- and strength-building phase. While the two are not wholly mutually exclusive, I am finding it easier to focus fat loss and plan for strength gains later.

      I read over your post and liked much of what you had to say. I’ll comment on it soon.

      Work smart and work strong! =)

    • I tend to disagree here. Weights are definitely not necessary for muscle building. A good bodyweight program will get you a long ways. Gymnasts don’t turn to weight training until much much later in their careers. You can always modify bodyweight exercises to make them as hard as you want. If you find push-ups too easy, you can lift one foot off the floor, do it on your finger tips and touch your chin to the floor every time. Squats too easy? Try doing them on one leg.
      Herschel Walker’s claims he’s never lifted a weight in his life and look at him.

      Unless you’re already a competitive athelete, I don’t think weight training is necessary.

      That being said. Congratulations to both of you on your progress.

      • Thanks for the info, Joan. I agree that it is certainly possible to experience hypertrophy from bodyweight-only exercises, but would you say it is as easy to get bigger and stronger with only bodyweight reps?

        I’d have to see a lot more evidence for that than great-looking-freak-of-nature Herschel Walker before I believe it. 😉

        Work smart and work strong,

        New John

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