Day 155 (Sa, 110604) — Max Capacity Training Week 3 Progress Test

Short blogging today.  Just a recount of my jogging this morning and my Mac Capacity Training Progress Test.

I got up before 0500 today and headed out on the road.

I decided to start by walking for a few miles.  Got two miles down the road and started up running.  Stopped at Starbucks for an espresso.  Kept running for another few miles.  Then finished by walking the rest of the way home.

Stats for today:

  • Distance: 8.28 mi
  • Duration: 1:59:01
  • Average Pace: 14:22 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.22 mph
  • Calories Burned: 1193
  • Elevation Climb: 490 ft

I like my VFFs but I think I still need to buy a good pair of running shoes.  The longer runs just are not comfortable in the “barefoot” shoes.


I also completed my Max Capacity Training Week 3 Progress Test this morning, when I got home from my run.

One round of squats, push-ups, lunges, and plank bridge.  The idea is to compare the scores this morning to the scores from Day 1.  On my first MCT workout, I scored 30 squats, 35 push-ups, 23 lunges, and the full 50 second of plank bridge.

I will consider myself ready to move on to MCT Week 4 if I can score at least 20% higher than my round one results.  That means I need to hit 36 squats, 42 push-ups, 28 lunges, and hold a plank bridge for 60 seconds.

This morning I scored:

  • Squats: 40, +33%
  • Push ups: 45, +38%
  • Lunges: 27, +17% (one rep off from my goal of 20%)
  • Plank Bridge: 60 seconds, +20%

So what do you think?  Should I move on to Week 4 or repeat Weeks 1-3 to get even better?


And I did all this before 8 AM.  Again, yeah me!



4 responses to “Day 155 (Sa, 110604) — Max Capacity Training Week 3 Progress Test

  1. Your killing it dude. You must be feeling pretty good these days.

    After writing my most recent post and reading Lyle McDonalds post on weight training for far loss I have added weight to the mct work outs for at least one round. You might want to try that.

    Obviously you need to ease into barefoot running. If you don’t change your distance maybe talk more breaks? I really think getting shoes with ‘support’ would be working backwards. Also lots of stretching, warm up and cool down for the calves. I have made the mistake of not doing that once.

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