Day 153 (R, 110602) — Malingering or Bowing to Reality?

I was going to go for a run this morning to see if using my Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) Bikilas would help my ankle tendonitis.  My alarm went off at 4 AM and I got out of bed to head out.

Then I promptly got back into bed and slept another hour before going to work.

Why?  Because I was exhausted and could hardly see straight at 4 AM, much worse than any normal fugue.  I am used to getting up that early to exercise but today was different.

What to make of this . . . am I malingering?  Should I have gone ahead and forced myself to mix up some Jack3d and Purple Wraath, get pumped, and “head out on the highway“?  Would adventure have come my way?

What do you do when your plans and reality don’t mesh?  Do you power through?  Do you alter your schedule and make it up later?  Do you simply skip it and go on with your next scheduled activity as planned?

How do you handle days when “it just ain’t gonna happen”?


Today will be another modified LeanGains/EatStopEat fasting day: 20-21 hours fasting followed by a normal SCD meal and a later high-protein snack.

I think I’ve got a pretty good system working here:

  • Monster Zero Calorie starts my day as I head to work
  • One or two large cups of good coffee keep me going in the morning
  • Two 16-oz. cups of early afternoon bouillon to help me make it through to when I get home before breaking my fast.

The warm liquid really helps me feel full and satiated until about 5 PM rolls around. Also, when I do get to eat, I am not famished and can have a controlled dinner and later snack within normal SCD guidelines.


I sure hope this daily fasting works.  This week started with three Free Days in a row and my exercise has only been moderate.

I’ve done my Max Capacity Training workouts on Monday and Wednesday, and I’ll do my Day 9 tomorrow, but I haven’t run a step since last Saturday; partly because my ankle needed time to recuperate, partly because I was too tired to go this morning.

I wonder how this will all workout come Saturday (or Sunday) when I weigh myself next…..


My Max Capacity Training workouts are going great. I think my using 10 rounds of equal reps is helping me tackle the Time Attack sessions pretty well.

Monday’s MCT Day 7 exercises took almost 19 minutes to complete.  I finished yesterday’s MCT Day 8 exercises in 14:05, well under the 16 minute target.  Yeah me!

I sure hope tomorrow goes well.

On Saturday I will do the Test Your Progress workout which is a repeat of round 1 of Day 1.  It’s only one round so I can push myself hard to see just how much I have improved.

How much of an improvement is enough to go to the next level? That’s up to you. Maybe you’re aiming for a 25% improvement, or maybe you want to be able to do 50 push-ups in 50 seconds. You’re in charge. If you want to do the first three weeks again, go for it! If you want to move on to more challenging exercises, go on to Week 4. Nothing’s stopping you. You can always switch back if you want to.

I also plan to do the Bonus Pyramid Workout on Sunday.

It will be tough to do four days of MCT workouts in a row — F Day 9, Sa Test, Su Bonus, M Day 10 (or repeat Day 1, depending on how satisfied I am with my Test progress) — but I’ll manage it.

How’s that for malingering, damnit! 😉


Breakfast:  Monster Zero

Lunch: bouillon with Tabasco soy sauce

Dinner ~5 PM: chicken breast and veggies?

Later snack: answer uncertain, try again later

Other food throughout the day: water, coffee


2 responses to “Day 153 (R, 110602) — Malingering or Bowing to Reality?

    • I’m glad you had a good go of it. MCT is definitely a challenge. I was sore for days because I overdid it on that first workout and my body was not used to the movements.

      Things are better now; probably due to a combination of getting used to it, getting stronger, and not pushing myself so hard.

      I still work hard but I don’t go so fast that I can hardly walk the next day.

      I am looking forward to this weekend and the progress test and bonus workout. They’re gonna hurt but I really want to have a good record of how I am progressing.

      Plus, I’ll have the info I need to decide if I repeat weeks 1-3 or move on to week 4.

      I am truly open to going back and beginning at week 1if necessary to make sure I get the most benefit out of this program.

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