Day 152 (W, 110601) — New Shoes, Max Capacity Training Day 8

So Monday afternoon I bought some new shoes: New Balance MR860.

After seeing the ankle support I was wearing, Daniel, the salesman at Run On – Dallas, asked me just a couple of questions and then described without my telling him exactly the symptoms I experience when I go for a longer run.  He said my problem seemed to be Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and his description of it was spot on what I’ve experienced.

He examined my feet and my gait and said I tend to overpronate a little and brought out three shoes designed to offer support and counteract this tendency (pun intendoned ;-)).

Of the three, I liked the NB shoes best and brought them home.  My wife grumbled at the $100 price tag (and rightly so; I did, too) but I justified it on the grounds that a hundred bucks for shoes now is nothing compared to paying for ankle surgery if I kept on running as is.

The other “option” is to stop running and that was unacceptable.  To her credit, she never even suggested it.  (Thanks, babe! ;-))

After wearing them around the house for a few evenings (to keep them clean and returnable), I have decided that I don’t like them enough to keep them.  Two nights of wearing them for several hours while I did stuff around the house brought me to the conclusion that these are not the right shoes for me.  Something we just a bit off about the fit.

Today I’ll head back to Run On! and replace these shoes with a different pair, with hopefully better results.  If all goes well, I’ll run tomorrow morning with the new pair and give a report on them.


Today will be my second Time Attack workout, Max Capacity Training Day 8.

Today we’ll use the same exercises as days 2 & 5.  I plan to separate the exercises into 10 rounds again, just like Day 7 on Monday: 5-6 Elevated Push-ups, 11-12 Bird Dogs, 15 seconds of Squat Pulses, 21 seconds of Superman.

I’ll let you know how it goes this evening when I finish.  Numbers below are the calculated values of this round of exercises.  Any variation between planned and actual reps will be noted.

  • Elevated Push-ups: 56 (+2)
  • Bird Dog: 120 (+3)
  • Squat Pulses: 210
  • Superman: 210
  • Total Time: 14:05

HOT DAMN!!!! =)

Did a few extra push ups and bird dogs and still did the whole thing in just more than 14 minutes!  Sweet!


I managed to stretch my fast until I got home at 5 PM yesterday.  Then I ate a good SCD dinner of sausage and sauerkraut, veggies, and refried beans & salsa.  I also had some steak and low carb BBQ sauce as a snack at around 8 PM.

Today will be another 16-hour was a 21-hour LG / ESE fasting day so no lunch today will wait until at least noon and dinner started at 5 PM.


Breakfast: Monster Zero, coffee

Mid-morning Snack: bouillon with hot sauce and a dash of soy sauce

Lunch: nada

Dinner (@ 5 PM): steak, refried beans, salsa, guacamole

Other food throughout the day: diet cola, two small bowls of sugar-free jello with a bit of Reddi Whip


6 responses to “Day 152 (W, 110601) — New Shoes, Max Capacity Training Day 8

    • Thanks for the info, opinions, and links, Justin.

      Running less is not an option at this point. I enjoy it and, assuming I can find a fix to my problems*, I will continue to head out too early in the mornings when I can.

      According to the people who have examined my gait, I use a pretty good mid-forefoot strike. I know I don’t heel strike even when I am wearing shoes.

      I do go very slowly (sub 5 mph in general) so, per the last video’s bit about rhythm and speed, that might be an issue.

      And I have a pair of VFF Bikilas which I used to wear fairly frequently (Sep./Oct. last year), but never for a longer run (say 7+ miles). Maybe I’ll try my VFFs again before I commit to a new shoe.

      When I did wear my Bikilas for my (formerly) normal 3-mile runs, I would sometimes have pain in my ankle and my calves would hurt like hell. A triathlete friend of mine and another friend who is a running coach for a small college both suggested that the likely problem was that my strike was too much on the forefoot and I was essentially doing the equivalent of 3 miles worth of bodyweight calf raises. The triathlete offered this link for information which suggests not doing a full-forefoot strike.

      That same site has a good video on injury prevention. Perhaps part of my problem is that I was running too much farther too soon. They suggest adding 10% or so each week. I was adding more like 20-25% some days.

      Regardless, I am sure I could improve my gait and overall style.

      And the search for improving health continues…..


      * Obviously, I am not going to risk permanently injuring myself if I can’t find a fix. At that point, I’ll have to see what I can substitute for the running . . . but we are not there yet.
      • I though you had VFFs that why this post really confused me. And I do remember before that you said you midfoot strike. I would be interested to see a video of your gait and stride. I bet if you took one and posted it on your blog and asked around some smart running people would be able to help.

        Personally VFFs, stretching and foam rolling have eliminated almost all my running issues. And HIIT training has my 1km pace down to 5 mins on flat surfaces. Hoping I can get it to 4-4.5 min pace when I start MCT 🙂

        • I will try to get a video sometime but don’t have good equipment to do so. A malfunctioning first-generation Droid isn’t exactly the best thing to try and capture video….

          I guess I will try my VFFs again. It’s been months since I’ve worn them for normal running, though I did wear them for my 10k Mud Run in April and felt fine.

          Thanks for the thoughts, Justin; you may have saved me $100. I’ll need to experiment some more to be sure. 🙂

          Good luck with the increased pace. When are you going to start MCT?

          • Starting MCT today or tomorrow.

            Brian Mackenzie from the book has some really good videos Jason from FMF sent me

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