Day 144 (T, 110524) — Listening to My Body, Take 4

I’ve talked about Listening to Your Body several times.

When my body tells me to take it easy, or let’s me know that something isn’t right, I listen to it.

Whatever it is that I want to do against my body’s best judgement will cause more harm than good. 

I may well injure myself and become less healthy than if I had just taken it easy, skipped my planned activity, and waited until I was better to restart my exercise or workout routine.

Here’s an article from SparkPeople which agrees with me: Habits of Fit People: Listen to Your Body.

Here’s one that works for me: Listening to my body. It may seem counterintuitive to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy so that so many subscribe to, but listening to how you feel really makes a difference in your workouts. How?

Your body is one smart cookie. If you’re really listening, it’ll tell you important things like when you’re tired, hungry, stressed or sick, and hopefully, you’ll trust your body and honor its signals most of the time. But it can also give you signs when you’re sore, injured, or exhausted all of which could be clues that you need to cut back on your current workout routine. The opposite is also true; I find that I can tell when I have energy to burn, which often happens if I’m slacking in the gym or having a really stressful workday. On those days, I want and NEED a good, tough workout to combat stress and use up my pent up energy.


My right glute was bothering my this morning* so I took it easy and decided to cut short my run.  Totals for today:

  • Distance: 3.22 mi
  • Duration: 0:49:07
  • Average Pace: 15:16 / mi
  • Average Speed: 3.93 mph
  • Calories Burned: 436
  • Elevation Climb: 130 ft

Slow and easy, but still moving and not aggravating things too much.


I did an ESE fast yesterday and Day 4 of the Max Capacity Training (MCT) workouts.**

It was tough but I made it and I didn’t go nuts eating last night.  I had a good deal of food, true, but it was all SCD friendly (except for the two bites of mini Nilla Wafers my son fed me).

Today is a non-fasting, normal SCD day.


Breakfast @ 4:15 AM:  two scoops of whey protein in water, Monster Zero on the way to work

Lunch @ 1 PM: Nua Nam Tok at Chow Asian, super spicy.  Mmmmmm.  Love it! =)

Dinner @ 6 PM: (planned) Taco Salad with home-seasoned taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and jalapeños.

Other food throughout the day: water, coffee, Cherry Coke Zero


* Actually, 22-hours of fasting rather than a full 24, but I figured it was close enough
** I will say that I am not sore today like I was last week.  I don;t know if that is because I did not push myself as hard yesterday during Day 4, because I warmed up and cooled down better, because I drank some protein powder immediately after my workout, or because of some other factor.  All I know is that, other than my glute, my legs and arms/shoulders feel fine.

3 responses to “Day 144 (T, 110524) — Listening to My Body, Take 4

  1. I am wondering if mixing up the fasting protocols is counter productive for you. I think the lean gains protocol is best for fat loss, but whatever works best for your schedule consistently is what I would use. Also since you workout in the morning like me I would recommend the bcaa supplement before and after per lean gains for fasting days.

    • I run in the morning and, since shifting to MCT, workout in the afternoon when I get home from work.

      (MCT would make too much noise in my quiet house at 5 AM to do it while everyone is sleeping.)

      For my morning runs, like this morning (Thursday), I take my BCAAs and Jack3d. Go to today’s post and I’ll mention them and my experience.

      As for being counterproductive, I am not sure that mixing the fasting programs is a bad thing, ceteris paribus. The danger lies in two temptations: (a) taking extra liberties with my diet because I am doing both and (b) allowing myself to become so hungry that I overdo planned Free Meals.

      If these two related concerns are accounted for and properly avoided, I think that mixing the two programs should be a net benefit. What do you think?

      • After thinking about it more I have done the same thing as well. I throw in a longer fast every once in a while when I am not working out much.

        But 99% of. The time I do the LG fast.

        My thought was that you haven’t got into any sort of schedule yet which your body might not like.

        Also wondering if your weekly weigh ins might have poor results sometimes because you are having a “fat day” LOL for lack of a better term.

        I cant remember if you do measurements but you must be adding some muscle.

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