Day 142 (Su, 110522) — Results from My Weigh-in for Week 20

BLUF: Gaming the system still doesn’t work.

Well, this past week was a fasting and exercise week.  And stupid meals.

I ran almost 7 miles Sunday morning, ate some SCD, some not, and then I fasted 24 hours from Sunday night to Monday night.  I started Max Capacity Training Monday afternoon. That night ate a stupid meal with too many carbs.

From Monday night to Tuesday afternoon, I fasted 16 hours, had a good veggie lunch,  walked a mile and a half with the kids, and had an SCD dinner.

On Wednesday, I did my second MCT workout.  I ate a good SCD lunch but had an insane Free Meal for dinner. I ate until I was stuffed on bad crap.  Stupid.

Thursday was a good SCD day diet-wise with no fasting, no running, or working out.

Friday I took the day off of work.  It was an LG fasting day which included my longest run ever – 10.86 miles in a decent time (for me, that is).  Lunch was ok SCD but dinner included popcorn and candy at the movies and a slice and a half of three-inch thick pizza after.

Saturday included another good run (8.26 miles, third longest ever), my third Max Capacity workout, and birthday cake, ice cream, and pizza.

So, one 24-hour fast + two 16-hour fasts + more running than ever before (27.5 miles for the week) + three MCT workouts + way, way, waaaaay too much bad food = . . . . ?

Not good.

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 18: 110508 211.3 26.6 56.8
Week 19: 110515 205.3 25.7 52.7
Week 20: 110522 210.8 26.7 56.2
Δ from last +5.5 +1.0
Δ from start -17.7 -3.0 -11.7

110522 Results Graphs

Up FIVE pounds and 1% BF.

The only silver lining here is that my BF pounds did not go up as much as my overall weight, meaning I may have gained a bit of muscle.

So what do we learn from this, boys and girls?

Gaming the system still doesn’t work.  No matter what new “trick” I think will let me slide by, (purposely) forgetting to dance with the one what brung ya never works.

I rationalized that I could eat poorly on days when I fasted and/or ran and/or worked out.  Then I did it to an extreme and more than once.

I ate myself into a gain in what should have been a banner week for me.  I should have lost 5 pounds this week but my poor choices undid that and more.


So I have once again proved to myself what I already believed: exercise does not control my weight.  I exercised more than ever in my life this week and, even counting the three fasts I took this week, my stupid eating brought my weight up.  That’ll teach me.

Eat right, John, or you’re gonna keep yourself from your goals.  Period.


I walked some this morning.  I planned to go out for an 8-mile run that would have brought my total distance to 366 miles in 366 days.  My ankle subtly informed that this would be a bad idea so I opted instead for a 3-mile walk:

  • Distance: 3.17 mi
  • Duration: 0:42:07
  • Average Pace: 13:17 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.51 mph
  • Calories Burned: 328
  • Elevation Climb: 49 ft

Better than not going, I suppose.  At least this short, slow, walk won’t give me any false ideas about what I am allowed to eat today……


4 responses to “Day 142 (Su, 110522) — Results from My Weigh-in for Week 20

  1. Hey John! Out of curiosity, do you track your calorie intake? Knowing that a pound is equal to 3,500 calories, it seems impossible to think that you consumed 17,500 more calories than you should have! I have learned that while building muscle, your muscles will actually retain fluid to help in the repair process. I’m wondering if a lot of your 5 pound increase is just water weight/retention?!

    • D, you didn’t see this pizza . . . . 😉

      Yes, you are right that it may be water weight, at least in part. That doesn’t mean I don’t weigh that much or that the “water weight” will be gone all by itself soon. =(

      Anyway, I am simply going to stop fooling myself into thinking that all these “extras” (fasting, running, working out, Cissus) mean I get to eat too much or poorly. That’s what happened to my experience on Weight Watchers.

      WW allows “exercise points” to be added to daily allotments. So I would exercises like crazy (riding my bike for 50-100 miles per week) and then eat the extra “Points” worth of food. Strangely, I stopped losing weight…imagine that.

      I am still going to do the extras, but I am going to rededicate myself to eating a good SCD diet with two planned, controlled, Free Meals during the week. No more going nuts thinking that I can “make up for it” with other things.

      Hope things are going well in CA,. Cheers! =)

  2. I agree with Darcy. You’ve really had some wild swings the last few weeks. Are you sure your scale is good? The scale I started with gave me fits until I got a new one. I could weigh myself five times in a row and not get the same number three times.

    I had a great week with the fasting. I lost 3 lbs as of Friday morning which is the biggest loss yet. Saturday is my usual day to weigh but I was not home so Friday had to do. I might have lost 4 pounds if I could have weighed Saturday. I’ll fast two more days this week and begin MCT tomorrow. I may even try one of these bloggy things to keep track.

    Seriously, make sure your scale is not the problem. If it’s okay, I’ll bet alot of your gain is water.

    • Great for you, LC. Well done!

      BTW – I got your email about the new blog and I am looking forward to reading about your experience.

      You’ll be in my sidebar bloggroll soon. =)

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