Day 141 (Sa, 110521) — Everybody MOVE!!!!, Max Capacity Training Day 3

Everybody MOOOOOVE!!!!

It was one year ago today, on May 21, 2010, that I started running.

During the past year, I have tracked exactly 101 activities on

Between walking (a few times) and running (almost all the time),

I moved my fat butt 358 miles by my own power.*

This comes out to an average of 3.54 miles per activity or 0.98 miles per day.

If you also count the one cycling event I did in April, the total jumps to 102 activities, almost 385 miles, and the average goes up to about 3.82 miles per activity.

Yeah me. =)

I’ve never been this active in my life and, while I still believe that diet is more important for overall weight loss, I know I’d be less fit than I am now if I didn’t get out there and move.

Because I’m over forty and not getting any younger, I’d better damn well work hard to get healthier.  I still have a ways to go — at least 21 pounds and 8% BF when comparing my goals to my current status — but even though I was 10 pounds lighter last June, I was nowhere near as fit as I am now.  It’s a good feeling, knowing that what I’m doing is working.

I can do better.  I will.  Just watch and wonder as SuperJohn emerges from his fat-and-lazy cocoon. =)


Like yesterday, I drank some Purple Wraath and some Jack3d before starting this morning and I had a double espresso at Starbucks at the three-mile mark.

I decided I liked the extra distance I ran yesterday and repeated my go-a-bit-further adventure, heading down to the next overpass away from my house and turning around.

This time I opted not to add the second extra-distance leg to my run and headed home.  Totals for today:

  • Distance: 8.26 mi
  • Duration: 2:01:19
  • Average Pace: 14:41 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.08 mph
  • Calories Burned: 1141
  • Elevation Climb: 492 ft

This was my third-longest run ever, after my personal best yesterday.  Very cool.


I just scored 20 squat-touch-reaches, 16 reverse lunges, 20 drop squats and 50 seconds of plank on Round 1 of Day 3…

Think you can do better? Take the challenge, do the workout, post your results…


* Actually 357.83 miles recorded but somehow, since there were several I had to enter the route by hand, I bet I missed .17 miles through the days somewhere.
BTW, as of last Saturday I was at 330 miles and 97 activities in 51 weeks.  DW thought I should run 35 miles this past week to make it an even 365 or 1 mile/day.  I told her that meant she was going to have to let me run some afternoons so I could get in 5 miles per day and that this meant she’d have to watch the kids during that time (after watching them all day long while I was at work).  She thought perhaps I was doing great already and I didn’t need to hit that particular mark. 😉
Even though I didn’t get to run in the afternoons, with a record run yesterday and my third-longest run ever today, I did manage almost 28 miles this week, within one good run (7 miles) of 365 or 1 mile per day. If I had one more day I could do it.  Oh well.  I am sure I’ll do better next year. =)

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