Day 139 (R, 110519) — Why Do I Do This To Myself?

At the baseball game last night, we had a free all-you-can-eat buffet or hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, chips, and drinks.  Add ice cream to that and you have a recipe for disaster: my Free Meal last night went overboard and I ate way, waaaaaaay, too much.

I felt overstuffed for the first time in months.  Even on entire Free Days, I tend to spread out my eating and never get that overfull feeling I used to get all too often.

Yesterday, I fell back into old, bad habits and kept eating long after I was full.

And that’s a good thing.

Why?  Because it reminded me just how much I dislike feeling that way.

Besides the long-term health benefits, one of the main reasons I am working to “remake my life one day at a time” is to feel better.

Truthfully, without a doctor’s warning of imminent doom, who really gives a damn if their HDL is improving but they hate life because all the “healthy stuff” they are doing robs them of plain old simple feeling good?

This morning I saw a post from a woman who, like the rest of us, is working to be healthy:

…this journey [to] become healthy…has made me happier in general – happier health, happier life, happier career. Everything just seems so happy and optimistic. Even a bad day is a good day.

I feel that way, too.

Even the days when I screw up are good for me because they give me a poignant and immediate comparison to what life could be like, was like, if I throw up my hands and give up on this program.

Last night was not only a visceral reminder of how much better I feel when I eat sensibly, it has even carried over to today, imbuing me with a great urge to eat better today.

So, learning from my week on the Veggies From Hell Diet, I stopped by the store this morning and bought several bags of frozen vegetables.  Let the Veggies begin! 😉


Breakfast @ 7:30 AM:  Birds Eye Steamfresh Beans With A Twist (green and yellow beans, carrots, and cranberries in herbed butter, all 3 servings: Calories 330, Fat 18g, Carbs 33g, Fiber 6g, Sugar 18g, Protein 3g), coffee with Truvia and just a hint of half and half, AGG, cinnamon, fish oil.

The Birds Eye Beans were ok, nothing special.

Looking back (I did not check the label when I bought them), I think I’ll pass them by next time in favor of the Green Valley Farmer’s Blend which also includes the veggies and cranberries but which does it for only about 210 calories and many fewer grams of sugar.

Lunch @ 11 AM: half a Freebirds burrito bowl

Dinner @ 6 PM: Taco salad

Other food throughout the day: water, coffee


2 responses to “Day 139 (R, 110519) — Why Do I Do This To Myself?

  1. I hear ya. I did the same thing about 6 weeks ago, had 2 birthday parties in one day, it was bad. Felt like crap the next day, haven’t had portion control issues since. You are right it is a good thing.

    A side note, I started breaking my fast with almonds and have been losing weight without trying, all time low of 152.4lbs today and need to start doing a bulk phase now.

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