Day 129 (M, 110509) — Do I Start Fasting Today or Not?

Last night I read Eat STOP Eat by Brad Pilon.  It’s a short book and easy to read.

In it, Brad explains the basics behind Intermittent Fasting (IF), covers the physiological effects of fasting, addresses some concerns people have based on what they have learned about diet and nutrition over the years, and describes the ESE program and how to fit it into your life.

It’s a good read and you may find it worth the money to help you understand the theory and science behind IF.  It also gives you the information you need to explain what you are doing (and why) to those who freak out when you honestly answer their question, “How’d you lose all that weight?” 😉

Brad’s version of IF in a nutshell: fast from X o’clock to X o’clock the next day (a full 24 hours), 1 or 2 times per week; eat wisely when you are not fasting.

He gives other guidance and answers lots of FAQs in the book.  If you want to know more, why not pay him for his efforts and buy the book?*

The other main IF site and method I am looking into is  On that site, Martin Berkhan suggests a program of 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating.

I had my last Free Day snack (boo!) last night at about 9 PM.  If I fast for 16 hours, that means I could start eating at 1 PM.

Hells, that’s EASY!  I’ve done that many times in the past just by not getting to eat breakfast and forgetting to / being too busy to eat lunch until later in the day.

So I think that today will be a day of LG-type fasting and I may go for a full ESE-type fasting later in the week.  We shall see.


If you’ve read my last few entries, you know that I hurt my Achilles’ Tendon last week.  I’m not sure how I did it but I think it happened when I took the kids skating Thursday evening.  I don’t remember twisting my ankle or anything while we skated, but when I went running on Friday morning it felt tight but seemed to work itself out about a half mile in.

When I stopped running, it started hurting a lot so I skipped running Saturday.

It felt MUCH better on Sunday.  Yeah!  Then I did too much.  Boo!

Unfortunately, I’ve found sleeping to be one of the hardest things to do because it is devilishly difficult to get my foot a just the right angle and support to be comfortable.  So this morning was really uncomfortable when I got up.

Last night sucked to the point that I woke up because I was sleeping on it wrong and today is not starting out well.

Regardless of how much better it feels later, no running for me this week.  Maybe next as well depending on how it goes.  Bummer . . . but better to take a week or two off now than to try to start up too soon and end up being forced to take 4-6 weeks off later!


Meal #1 @ 7:30 AM:  Coffee

Meal #2 @ 1:10 PM: nada

Meal #3 @ 5 PM: a big bowl of my slow carb chili, some sugar-free jello with a small bit of light whippo on top, a few cashews, a bit of Taco Bell burrito, and a bite of cookie.

Other food throughout the day: mucho mucho mucho water


* I am not affiliated with Brad or ESE and make no money if you click the link above and then buy his book.  I just think that he deserves to make some money for gathering, organizing, and offering this information to the public.

2 responses to “Day 129 (M, 110509) — Do I Start Fasting Today or Not?

  1. Suggestion for sleeping with a bum ankle/tendon – try sleeping on your side, bad leg on top. Put a pillow on the side (preferably a longer one like a king sized pillow) so that your bum ankle is supported by the pillow. It can’t bend at a weird angle, and should keep you immobile long enough to get some sleep.

    Sorry you are injured, and thanks for the interesting post, John.

    • Thanks, Sue. That’s actually one of the things I tried. I also tried sleeping with it under the pillow so it was supported by the mattress.

      Last night was better: I wrapped it before I went to bed and that helped stabilize it all night. MUCH better than before. I’m still going to take it easy but I feel good that, if I continue to treat it gingerly, I’ll be able to pick up my jogging again next week.

      Have a great one! =)

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