Day 128 (Su, 110508) — Veggies From Hell Diet Results

BLUF: Overall, I’d say this temporary program is something to consider if you are stuck in a hard plateau and need a boost to get going again.


After 7 days of more veggies than I have ever eaten, here are the results from today’s weigh-in (including two weeks back for comparison):

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 16: 110423 208.0 26.2 54.5
Week 17: 110430 205.8 25.8 53.0
Week 18: 110508  211.3 26.6 56.8
Δ from last +5.5 +1.1
Δ from start -17.2 -2.8 -11.1

In one week of all the veggies I can stand, I was up 5.5 pounds and 1.1% BF.  Something is strange here.

There are two huge caveats to my results:

#1 — I had a Free Meal Friday night.  Not smart, but I’m not going to flagellate myself overly much for it.  It is what it is.

#2 — My numbers are probably juuuuust a bit off.  When I went in last Sunday morning to get my pre-VFHD numbers, I recorded the results:

  • Weight: 213.4
  • BF %: 27.4
  • BF #: 58.2

These numbers were + 8 pounds, +1.5% BF, and +5 pounds BF higher than just one day before (the Week 17 numbers above).  While April 30 was a Free Day,  I didn’t overdo it that much.

My guess is that either my numbers for Week 17 are incorrect or my numbers for the next day, my pre-VFHD numbers, are wrong.

Unfortunately, I don’t know which.*

If you go by my Sunday numbers, then the VFHD was at least partly successful.

Using that scale, I am down 2.1 pounds, 0.5% BF, and 1.4 pounds BF in just 7 days.  Down two pounds is something to report, even if it is not shocking and amazing.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if I could have done this on a normal SCD program instead.


Evaluating the diet itself, and not just the numbers, I can say that it has taught me that cauliflower won’t kill me.  Nor did I reach the estimated lethal dose of carrots, try as I might.

  • My energy levels were pretty good.
  • I was rarely too hungry, though when I was unable to eat in a proper schedule, it did make a few of those evenings a bit troublesome.
  • I worked out fine and saw no decrease in effectiveness.
  • My mental states were fine.
  • My attitude was no problem.

In other words, I think the Veggies From Hell Diet can be effective for some people and it will certainly help you learn to enjoy vegetables more . . . or at least hate them less.

But I don’t think it is the panacea the testimonials on the site claim it is.


My suggestions, if you plan to try this diet:

  • I know that Chad says you should eat raw or steamed veggies. If you can, more power to you.  If not, try the steam-in-the-bag “side dishes” available in most grocery store freezer sections.
  1. They are easy and convenient.
  2. They have a decent mix of veggies when you try more than one version.
  3. They have low calories (the ones I tried had less than 150 calories per bag).
  4. They can help you for times when preparation would be a problem (e.g. at work).
  • Keep up your exercise routines.  No need to skip for fear you won’t do well or you’ll be too tired.
  • Go ahead and take the week off from your normal supplements.  It’ll give your body a chance to rest from them and (hopefully) help them remain effective when you go back to your normal diet.


I am not sure it was worth the effort.  I often struggled with eating the veggies, even using the bagged ones which were convenient and at least a bit tasty.

So . . . I didn’t die.  I felt fine.  I lost a bit of weight and BF (if you look at it the right way).

I give it a provisional “Check it Out!”  If the mood moves you, go for it!


Today is a planned Free Day.  No meals tracked but I will eat meals and not snack (too much).

Also, full supplements and Damage Control will be in effect.

Cheers and have a great Mother’s Day! =)


*NB: for reasons beyond my control, I was unable to take more than one reading both Saturday and Sunday.   I usually take about 10 or so measurements and average all three body aspects I track.  Things were crazy those two days and I was able to get in my single weighing and that was it.  This, at least in part, may explain why the numbers are wonky.  Again, I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone because of this error on my part.
To anyone who has followed this series of posts looking for a big payoff, I apologize for my experimental inaccuracy. =(
This is not what I hoped to offer nor the standard to which I try to hold myself.  Unfortunately, once I started the diet, it was impossible to get the proper numbers again. I’ll think about giving the VFHD a more satisfying trial again in a month or two.

13 responses to “Day 128 (Su, 110508) — Veggies From Hell Diet Results

  1. Wow – that’s completely unexpected! What would you say your max calorie intake was on any given day of this? I thought a VLCD (very low calorie diet) would have forced at least a water loss. Odd!
    Still, my hat’s off to you being able to PULL THIS OFF. Good Lord. If I had half of your will power . . .
    Keep the faith!

      • Gahh. So even near fasting for a week doesn’t necessarily do it. Doesn’t seem fair . . . *sigh*
        I believe you when you write “it will certainly help you learn to enjoy vegetables more”. I discovered this as a side effect of the SCD. Since slow carbing I have accumulated a BUNCH of great vegetable recipes. Seriously sensational restaurant quality stuff.
        And now, having been “off the slow carb wagon” for over a month, I find that I miss the super delicious sides –I’m now substituting bread and pasta & rice, which is quite bland by comparison. Not to mention I’ve ballooned up like a blimp and feel like bloated crap. Oddly, this doesn’t seem to curtail the bingeing.
        Its so STUPID that I only have about 10-15 lbs to reach goal and yet it is ever elusive.

  2. Oh man. I couldn’t wait to get home from church to see how you did. I’m stunned. How frustrating for you, or at least I know I would be. Kudos on sticking it out for a week. Hopefully, this week will be better.

      • I don’t know. I don’t take any supplements and am losing 1.5-2 lbs. a week. I’m also not working out except for the little glute exercises and the kettlebell swings 3 times a week. I’m down 30.1 lbs since mid-January.

    • Well, looking at it from Sunday’s numbers gave me the same results: down a bit more than 2 pounds.

      The runs are a set distance to my workout and back. To change that I’d have to move or drive to my workouts and run on other days. That would mean getting up at 0-dark-thirty four days a week. This is unlikely to be a winning move for me. Soooooo . . . they’ll probably stay as they are.

      I do try to work in some fartleks on these runs to get a bit more intensity. It is something I definitely need to do more of.

      As for HIIT training, have you looked into the stuff a friend of mine does, Drew Baye? He’s the guy Tim Ferriss has a picture of showing off his abs in the 4HB book. Baye just put out a mini-ebook about HIIT which you can find here if you’re interested.

      Re Whey, her update seems to address any problems this might cause:

      Update: After thinking about this some more, all foods cause some kind of insulin increase, it the timing that you want to worry about. Drinking 30g of pure whey when you wake up is probably fine, but combining whey with foods should definitely be avoided. When you wake up, your body is in a semi-starved state and your muscle glycogen will be depleted, so your body should be able to absorb 30g of whey protein since it’s only about 120 calories, and the insulin spike may be desirable in this situation (Tim’s dad’s story). However, combining whey with a proper 400 calorie breakfast is probably not a good idea since the insulin spike will be even greater in the presence of carbs and will convert any unused calories into fat. So if you do decide to drink whey in the AM, wait an hour before eating breakfast.

      Since this is the only whey I eat whey ( 😉 ), it should be ok. Besides, if I move on to IF, this won’t be a problem on fasting days.

      • Working out at home would solve that issue and save you some money and time.

        I didn’t and wouldn’t take whey until 15% BF or less. Personally I think it is only good for bulking, and a bad supplement to use when trying to cut. BCAAs would probably be better for maintaining lean body mass.

        Hopefully IF works better for you.

        • It would . . . but I find myself better able to stick to a workout plan if I have something invested in it (e.g. a few bucks a month at the gym).

          My past experience with “I’ll workout at home” has been lackluster to put it mildly.

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