Day 125 (R, 110505) — VFHD Day 5, A Report on How Things Are Going

Day 5 of the Veggies From Hell diet (VFHD).

I was reminded in a comment yesterday that I ought to offer a summary of my experience on the VFHD in terms of the mental and physical effects.

Mentally: No problems.  Maybe this is because I am naturally slow. 😉

Physically: I feel ok; not great (as some proponents of the program would have you believe) but mostly good.

The primary exception so far was during my run this morning.  More on that below.

Today’s IF tip: (Sorry I never got around to this today.  I guess my report above will have to suffice.  More tomorrow.  Cheers!)


I ran to my workout this morning.  The weather was not too bad this morning: mid- to upper-50s and calm.

  • Distance: 5.80 mi
  • Duration: 1:20:32
  • Calories Burned: 836
  • Average Pace: 13:53 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.32 mph
  • Elevation Climb: 250 ft
  • Splits:
    mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
    1 13:50 16
    2 13:48 5
    3 13:26 3
    4 14:04 -11
    5 13:39 -4
    6 14:42 -8

This is almost 5 minutes slower than the same run last Friday and more than 8 minutes slower than the same run last Tuesday.

I felt REALLY tired this morning and did not want to get out of bed.  I attribute most of the lethargy to not going to bed until after 10 PM and the two Benadryl I took before hitting the hay.  Because of this, I can’t say one way or the other on whether this diet affected my energy level.  I suspect it might have contributed, but it would be unfair of me to blame it when those other things most certainly did have an effect.

I plan to run again tomorrow morning, and, if I plan my evening correctly and avoid the same confounding factors, I should be in a better position to evaluate the diet and its effect on energy levels and exercise in tomorrow’s post.


This morning was my thirteenth Workout B (legs and chest):

  1. Leg press 22 reps — 290 pounds
    • Next time 300 pounds
  2. Chest press 8 reps — 180 pounds
    • Next time 190 pounds
  3. Running (see above)

Workout B 110505

Almost to 300 on my leg press; very close now.  Unfortunately, I know that my range of motion was less this time than before.  After I was about 10 reps into my set, I realized that I was probably a click or two higher in the machine setting and not going as deeply into the press as I wanted to; this explains the abnormally high reps I was able to pull off today.

Oh well.  300 next week then drop back down to 250 or so and go for full ROM.

Chest press is coming along nicely, too.  I think that once I reach 200, I am going to switch to a different machine or exercise.  I want to mix things up a bit and that seems like a nice, round number to use as a benchmark, so to speak. 😉


Meal #0 @ 4 AM: Today was the first day I got to add protein to my morning meal so I opted for a protein shake mixed with water before running to my workout: 120 calories, 2g fat, 3g carbs (1g sugar), 23g protein.


Meal #1 @ 6 AM:  When I got home from working out, I nuked a bag of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Healthy Colors Nature’s Blend with carrots, green beans, yellow carrots, and red yellow pepper strips in an herb-infused extra virgin olive oil sauce: 120 calories, 3g fat, 24g carbs, and 3g protein. I went beyond the VFHD’s recommended protein intake for the morning and had a second protein shake as a post-workout treat.

On the way to work, I drank a Gingerade kombucha: 60 calories, 0 fat, 4 carbs (naturally occurring sugars), and 0 protein.


Meal #2 @ 11:30 AM: Great Value Deluxe Asian Stir Fry mix: 150 calories, 0g fat, 24g carbs (12 fiber, 12 sugars), and 6g protein.  Plus two cans of tuna for protein.


Meal #3 @ 3 PM:  Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Healthy Colors Valley Blend with carrots, broccoli, and  golden cauliflower in a garlic butter sauce.

About 100 calories, 3g fat, 20g carbs, and 2.5g protein.  Plus 3.5 ounces of chicken breast for protein.


Meal #4 @ 8 PM: (will be something like) Bird’s Eye Asian Stir Fry mix (without sauce) with broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, red pepper strips, water chestnuts, and some added snow peas cooked with soy sauce and Sriracha. Plus protein.


Other food throughout the day: coffee with a bit of Half-and-Half and some Sweet’N Low (my first non-black cup in probably three weeks), tons of water, carrots as a snack


5 responses to “Day 125 (R, 110505) — VFHD Day 5, A Report on How Things Are Going

  1. Hey John,

    Damn protein shakes, I couldn’t quit them either but don’t forget this part

    For one week I recommend you avoid any of them, even after lifting weights.

    You use myoplex shakes right? Do they have sweetners in them? I am trying to find unsweetened supplements.

    Man you run a lot, is that distance round trip or one way to the gym?

    For replacing chest press, which is a really good idea, there are a few different things you can do.
    1. Dumbbell press on a swiss ball (instability when doing resistance is very beneficial).
    2. For triceps focus, push-ups with your feed on a swiss ball
    3. For chest focus, cable bench press

    I am going to bring up the leg press again too :). Read some of the links from the google search you put last time. From what I have read and my opinion is; leg press is an isolation exercise good for quad strength and quad hypertrophy, but no benefit in terms of stability, balance or hamstring strength. Deadlifts and squats (single leg preferably) provide the most athletic benefit, especially for running.

    Personal experience, I took 1 minute off my 1KM pace (6mins to 5mins) in a couple weeks with single leg (bodyweight only) pistol squats, single leg deadlifts and 2 legged deep front squats with only 2x20lb kettlebells. Take about MED.

    • Yeah, I just wanted something quick and easy to get my protein before heading out to run and workout. The idea of scarfing down some tuna or chicken at 4 AM just didn’t appeal so protein shake it was.

      I use EAS whey protein (chocolate). If that’s Myoplex, then yeah. I don’t have it here in front of me to check.

      Solgar makes a “vanilla” protein powder (Whey to Go brand) which has no sweeteners in it . . . and damn little flavor. It was disgusting.

      Based on reading horror stories, I tried cutting artificial sweeteners entirely from my diet for about a month and it seemed to have very little affect on my weight loss or lack thereof. After reading more about how the studies making the horror story claims are inconclusive, and based on my personal experience, I have reintroduced them a bit. I’ve definitely cut WAY down from what I used to ingest but I don’t fret about having a bit every now and then. If the little bit that is in the protein powder is going to sidetrack my progress, I need to find a more effective system. 😉

      “Man you run a lot….”

      That’s pretty funny. I always thought of myself as a slacker when it comes to running. 😉 I try to run at least twice a week (on workout days – Tuesdays and Thursdays if I go as planned). If I can, I’ll work in a third run. For this week, I went this morning and plan to go again tomorrow and Saturday as well. As for the distance, it’s about 3 miles to the gym so the numbers I’ve been posting are round-trip.

      In the Dark Ages (25 years ago? DAMN!) I was a fairly regular gym rat. Not hardcore, but working out and playing hour upon hour of racquetball 3-4 times per week for a year or so. During that time I used free weights almost exclusively and learned a lot from the old timers in the gym. Unfortunately, I may have forgotten most of it – I haven’t truly tried to dredge up the memories so I’m not sure. Anyway, this is my way of saying your ideas about changing up my chest press and leg press are welcome indeed. Thanks!

      Cheers! =)

      • I don’t think artificial sweeteners is really a big deal for fat loss/gain. I just want to be healthier and avoid other side affects of it.

        I am actually planning on going full paleo so might not take any supplements, but we will see how that goes.

        • With the amount I use (averaging less than one item a day), I ain’t too worried about it. 😉

          Good luck with the full Paleo thing. I’d be interested in following your progress…..

          For me, going full Paleo would be extremely difficult. My wife, and thereby my family, would likely not support the idea and thus it would be all but impossible to pull off on a long-term basis. Maybe for a few weeks or month or so, but not as a long-term lifestyle. I’ve tried dieting using a program my wife didn’t support (Atkins) and it was hell. I stopped in late 2010 because of it and gained about 20 pounds. Luckily, she’s gtg with 4HB. =)

          (IF, on the other hand . . . .)

          That said, I hope to persuade my DW to consider it sometime in the future. But right now, with three small kids and two more coming in July? Ain’t no way, Jose.

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