Day 113 (Sa, 110423) — A GREAT Week!

The results from today’s weigh-in (including an extra week-back for comparison this time):

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 14: 110409 212.6 27.1 57.3
Week 15: 110416 212.6 27.0 57.4
Week 16: 110423 208.0 26.2 54.5
Δ from last -4.6 -0.8 -2.9
Δ from start -20.5 -3.5 -13.4

110423 Results Graphs

Down more than 4 pounds, almost a full percent Bf, and almost 3 pounds BF.  Sweet!

I even had to adjust the vertical axis on all three charts to make room for the downward (anti)spike.  Too cool. =)

And I finally broke the 210 lbs / 27% BF barrier. Yeah! =)

This week I ran and worked out twice, skipped my Free Meals because of last Sunday’s extra Free Day, and made sure not to take a Free Meal on Saturday as I have the past two weeks.

For next week, I plan to continue my current experiments (Cissus every meal, Free meals, protein powder breakfasts).

I still allowed some artificial sweetener back into my diet; mostly in diet drinks and a couple of coffees.  I generally held myself to one or two a day, if any.

To see all my weigh-ins and NEW PICTURES (coming soon), check out my Results to Date page.


Breakfast: Denny’s Ultimate Bacon Breakfast: six strips of bacon, four eggs over-medium, has browns, and an english muffin.  Plus a few pancake puppies, and a short stack of pancakes.  Coffee, AGG, and Cissus.

Denny's 110423


Lunch: Steak, refried beans and salsa, 2/3 of an egg roll, and a small slice of chocolate pudding pie

Dinner: a “special pancake” with jelly, bacon (I’m detecting a theme today…….)

Dinner 2 : some Taco Bueno tostadas, and a party taco

Other food throughout the day: some diet root beer and diet DP, popcorn, more Cissus


I really need to go run tomorrow morning.  Thankfully, that was already part of the plan. =)


5 responses to “Day 113 (Sa, 110423) — A GREAT Week!

  1. Great job, John! I love how you are modifying things to make them work for you. Love to see charts like that. You personify the “experiment” call to arms – I am so happy for you for your great progress this week.

  2. Nice results. I guarantee that if you pig out on veggies that your results will be even better. Just to reiterate my comment on your last post 🙂

  3. Thanks, everybody. =)

    @Justin — I am considering the veggies-for-a-week-diet you mentioned. Is it pretty much what the South Beach diet does for the first week? Is that right?

    Anyway, I am thinking about it. It’s just gonna take some planning…I don’t have that many veggies in the house! 😉

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