Day 110 (W, 110420) — Cold Packs

So I started using a bit of cold therapy the day before yesterday.

We have a cold pack which is about 6″ x 4″ and I tried that the first night, leaving it behind my upper back for about 20-30 minutes. (I lost track of time.)

But I wanted something bigger so I looked up recipes for homemade cold packs and found that the most common formulas are:

  • 2:1 – water to rubbing alcohol
  • 3:1 – water to rubbing alcohol

I used the 2:1 ratio and made three cups of the mixture, partly filling a gallon-sized Ziploc™ freezer bag.

Aside: if you’ve looked at my blogroll, you may have seen that the second link is to our all-too-infrequently-updated homeschooling blog.  Seeing an opportunity here, I started a lab book for my 4 and 6 year-old daughters and we recorded the “experiment.”
We talked about how different things freeze at different temperatures and thought about what might happen when you combine water with alcohol.  Would the mixture freeze at the same temperature, a lower one, or a higher one?
We recorded our method, our hypothesis, and our expected results.  (The younger daughter guessed correctly that it would not completely freeze at the same temperature that makes ice while my older daughter guessed that it would freeze at the same temperature.)
Tonight, we’ll take out the bag and examine it, recording the data we observe.  It’s fun to be able to combine these two aspects of my life. =)

The resulting mixture was fairly soft, not nearly as hard as the retail ice pack I used before.  To me, this was a benefit because it allowed the cold pack to form to my body, cooling a larger surface area and feeling more comfortable.

So I used the new, improved, larger cold pack last night.  I kept it on for about 25 minutes.  Interestingly, my back stayed cold to the touch for about 5-10 minutes after I removed the cold pack.

Obviously, with only two days under my belt, I have no idea if this will help or not.  The only other thermogenics hacks I use are drinking ice water in the morning and, after a run, I’ll talk a cool shower.  (Not daily cold showers for me. There’s a reason I don’t live in colder climes.)

If you’ve had experience with these tactics, I would love to hear about it.  Please let me know in the comments if you see anything I could do to improve my chances of success with them.



Breakfast: two servings of MRM whey protein (one chocolate, one vanilla), kombucha, AGG, cinnamon

Lunch: ham, refried beans

Dinner: sausage and sauerkraut, BWW wings, AGG

Other food throughout the day: sugar-fee jello (with a bit of light whipped cream), two cashews,


4 responses to “Day 110 (W, 110420) — Cold Packs

  1. Hey John,

    I have been doing cold therapy on and off. I live in Canada so it was pretty cold here until recently. I don’t know if the results really made a difference or not. If they did they were probably minor. I am sure it is something that will accelerate fat loss, but nothing compared to exercising in water or a regular cold bath.

    Tried a cold bath a couple times, that is an experience.

    • Thanks for the report, Justin. I have my doubts as to whether or not this will really help but hey, it’s worth a try.

      That’s the brilliant part of 4HB, right?

      Ferriss puts out some general rules which are effective, if followed. He also suggests some a-bit-of-out-there theories for which there is some evidence but nothing conclusive (thermogenics, PAGG, etc.).

      Then the marketing and psychological genius: actively encourage experimentation.

      From a marketing standpoint, if you fail, he can say “Well, maybe if you try this.” And if you succeed, even by doing a group of hacks which only loosely fall within the boundaries of 4HB, he can say, “Look! The program works . . . even when you —- with it!

      From a psychological standpoint, it keeps people like me from abandoning the system for something else. I’ve been disappointed in my overall weight loss — less than 20 pounds in 3.5 months. BUT I keep on trying, looking for the perfect combination which will work for me.

      Like I said: brilliant!

      (And thanks, in a roundabout way, for giving me the topic of today’s post…. ;-))

      • Forgot to mention that cold baths are great for muscle recovery and sleep too as Tim says in his book.

        That was my reason for trying it, the fat loss was just a nice side affect.

        Try it and let me know what you think … its painful but worth it.

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