Day 106 (Sa, 110416) — Week 15 Results

The results from today’s weigh-in (including an extra week-back for comparison this time):

Date Weight BF% BF #
Week 13: 110402 214.2 27.2 58.3
Week 14: 110409 212.6 27.1 57.3
Week 15: 110416 212.6 27.0 57.4
Δ from last -0.0 -0.1 +0.1
Δ from start -15.9 -2.7 -10.5

110416 Results Graphs

I stayed steady from a decent loss last week, even though I had an extra Free Meal last night, but I’m still trying to break the 210 lbs / 27% barrier.

I only ran once this week (5.78 miles), worked out (Occam’s Protocol) twice, and had two Free Meals.

One of those Free Meals was planned on Thursday night after running and working out that morning.  The other one was Friday night when I went out with my wife.  It:

  • was not planned
  • did not include enough Damage Control
  • did not leave enough time between the Free Meal and weighing in

I had been feeling skinny all week and thought I’d have a real good weigh in this morning until my extra Free Meal last night. Darnit.

Even so, I think I stayed even this week because I continued last week’s experiments (Cissus every meal, Free meals, protein powder breakfasts).  I think this is a good sign so I’ll go for week three on this regimen.  Trouble is, I am out of Cissus and won’t get my replacement pills in the mail until probably Wednesday or Thursday. =(

The only thing I really changed is that I started adding artificial sweeteners back into my diet; mostly in diet drinks.  I generally held myself to one or two a day which is a lot better than my previous 3-6 a day habit.  I think I’ll continue that experiment as well.

To see all my weigh-ins, check out my Results to Date page.


Breakfast: a bit of egg, one EAS carb control shake, kombucha, AGG, cinnamon, coffee with Truvia



Other food throughout the day:


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