Day 104 (R, 110414) — Request for Running Tips, Range of Motion v. Reps, New Resource

I’ve been running more lately.  It feels great and, now that the weather has turned warmer, I can go just about any morning I manage to get my lazy butt out of bed. 😉

Today, as usual for the past few weeks, I ran to my workout.

  • Distance: 5.78 mi
  • Duration: 1:14:06
  • Calories Burned: 911
  • Average Pace: 12:49 / mi
  • Average Speed: 4.68 mph
  • Elevation Climb: 234 ft

This is about 2 minutes faster than the same run last Friday meaning my pace dropped by almost 30 seconds per mile.  Not a great improvement, but as always, I take what I can get and use it to motivate me to do better next time.

I experimented with a bit a fartleks today.  Not many, but some; running a bit faster to the next streetlight or the corner of an intersection.  It sure made me breather harder at times.  I hope this will translate into better speed if I keep it up; all the books and blogs seem to recommended it as a way to run faster.

Anybody out there has some favorite tips for running faster and dropping my pace?

I don’t so much care about hitting a 7-minute mile of something like that but still, I’d like to keep improving.


Speaking of exercising, today was my tenth Workout B (legs and chest):

  1. Leg press 22 reps — 260 pounds
    • Next time 270 pounds
  2. Chest press8 reps — 160 pounds
    • Next time 170 pounds
  3. Stationary bike – 3 minutes at 90 RPM (running instead)

Last week, I accidentally didn’t increase my weight to where I wanted them to be.  Instead of 250 and 150, I used 245 and 145.

This week, again not looking at my workout record and going from memory, I guessed wrong and did 260 and 160, instead of 250 and 150.

Workout B 110414

Since my reps for leg press increased by 7-8 over my average despite the increased weight, I stopped to think why this was happening and it took only about 10 seconds to find (what I figure is) the answer: the setting on the machine was different and I was not going so low in the rep as I had been previously.

By decreasing the range of motion, I was able to punch about 7-8 extra reps than my norm.  I’ll have to be more careful about machine settings next time.

In the meantime, I need to investigate which is better: shorter ROM with higher reps or wider ROM with lower reps.

I am guessing that the 4HB/Occam’s Protocol answer is the latter.  Anybody know for sure?


Also, I’ve got a new entry into my sidebar at #15:

Please check out Shaun’s site.  So many of the recipes sound really good to me.  I have not had a chance to try them yet but that should change this weekend. I’ve already found three I am definitely going to try.


Breakfast: 1 AdvantEdge Carb Control Chocolate Fudge Drink (EAS) before my run and workout, same thing after, AGG, cinnamon

Lunch: ½ a Freebirds burrito bowl with double steak, refried beans, black beans, pinto beans, lettuce, salsa, pico, and veggies. Cissus and AGG. Kombucha.

Dinner: (Free Meal) toast, fajitas, avocado, honey, ice cream, etc. + Cissus and AGG

Other food throughout the day: black coffee with a bit of Sweet’NLow, diet DP


4 responses to “Day 104 (R, 110414) — Request for Running Tips, Range of Motion v. Reps, New Resource

  1. Hey John,

    You run quite a bit so not sure if my running tips will be any new info for you or not. Did you read the endurance chapters, there is a specific training schedule using CrossFit to train for a 50K.

    I have been doing my own kettlebell HIIT and took my 1KM pace from 6min to 5min. Tabata/CrossFit/HIIT will increase your V02 max and anaerobic capacity.

    Also I am sure you already looked into Pose running and forefoot striking. This has really helped me as well.

    • No, I didn’t get around to the endurance chapters. I was interested in losing weight and getting stronger so I never read those bits. I’ll check them out now and see if I can find something which helps.

      As for POSE, I’ve tried it and hurt me knee. I am sure I was doing it wrong but, not having a coach and not wanting to spend a bunch of money, all I know is that there was a correlation between my attempting POSE-ish techniques and knee pain which sidelined me for several weeks from running at all.

      I did have a triathlete/CROSSFIT buddy of mine check out my form and he said it looked good. I just go slow is all……

      Thanks for the tips, Justin. =)

      • No Prob John,

        I assume you are a heel striker?

        If you want or have time send me a video of you running and I can help. 1 with your normal form and 1 with you trying to run Pose.

        Another running technique similar to Pose is Chi Running. The idea is the same.

        • Actually, I land pretty much mid-step. When I was starting out, I bought a pair of VFFs and learned very quickly that I needed to move my strike forward. 😉

          I appreciate the offer of looking at a video and I’ll see if I can get one. I don’t own a video camera but may be able to borrow one.


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