Day Ninety-four (M, 110404) — Minimalist Monday

Short today.  I had lots of interesting stuff to say last week and this past weekend. Please check them out.



Only one announcement today . . . I am no longer going to post pictures of my food diaries from SparkPeople.  I’ll still track, but won’t post the images.

Adding the pictures of the day’s intake was a pain.  Plus, WordPress in its infinite wisdom, made it so that if I use a Gallery or Slideshow in my post, it must use all the pictures associated with that post.  There’s no way to tell it “just use these X pictures out of Y total.”

Since I only use galleries and slideshows when I have something interesting to share, having my food diary or progress charts show up in them is a pain in the butt and I’d rather not post the offending images than not post the interesting ones.

Cheers and have a good one!


Breakfast: double whey protein shake in water, AGG

Lunch: beef fajitas, fajita veggies, refried beans, water, Cissus, AGG (forgot it at home)

Dinner: BBQ! brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey breast, St. Louis style ribs, all with my delicious Low Carb BBQ Sauce!

Other food throughout the day: Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter, kombucha


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