Day Ninety (R, 110331) — Three Months In, New John and His Amazing Diet Contortions

With three months under my belt, where am I in my journey to create a “new me”?

Total weight loss is about 16 pounds of which about 10.5 pounds has been fat.  This comes out to be just 2.6% bodyfat loss.

Am I happy with this?  No and yes.

No, I wish I were down more.  After the promises made in the book, I thought that by three months I’d be down at least 25 pounds or so and looking to eclipse the 200 pound barrier soon.   No such luck.

Then again, luck had very little to do with it.  I know where I have slipped off the program and where I have been good.

Plus, I’ve been using Occam’s Protocol at the same time.  Occam’s Protocol is not aimed at weight loss but rather strength (and thus muscle weight) gain so it helps me understand why my weight has not gone down as much as I wanted.

(Then again, I have still lost about 5.5 pounds of muscle . . . would it have been more if I had followed the weight-loss/body shaping exercise routines instead?  Who knows.)

These two things put together lead me to the “yes” portion of my answer.

Yes, I am feeling a bit better about my body.  I can see the difference the weight training has made in my upper body and I (usually) feel more fit and capable.

Overall status?  It’s tough to say, exactly.  Perhaps my question is wrong.  Rather than trying to figure out “Am I happy?”, perhaps I should be asking questions related to my problems with earlier programs (WW and Atkins).

  • “Do I feel hungry on this diet?” — not usually; if I do it’s my fault for not eating enough or when I should, the diet isn’t restricting in that way
  • “Is my belly shrinking?” — not enough . . . darnit
  • “Do my arms, shoulders, and chest look better?” — definitely yes
  • “How does my progress or lack thereof make me feel?” — a bit disappointed; a bit discouraged =(

What about PAGG?  I am still undecided on it.  I have plenty of supply so I will continue to take them for at least the next few months.  Maybe that’ll be my project for the second half of the year: 6 months without supplements to see if it makes a difference.

Cissus . . . now there’s a big question. I am beginning to think that I am using Cissus as a crutch and that it is allowing me to game the system on Cheat Days, rather than try to use them wisely.

I have a new bottle coming in soon and have considered taking it every day, three times a day, like Tim did in his china trip.  Will that be better or worse than what I am doing now?  Who knows.  At $29/bottle, and each bottle lasting about 20 days if taken exactly as planned, it is an expensive proposition.

Oh well. We’ll see what I decided in future episodes of New John and His Amazing Diet Contortions. 😉

Stay tuned.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, refried beans, AGG, cinnamon, greens supplement

Lunch: two chicken breasts, mixed veggies, kombucha, AGG

Lunch 11033

Chicken and veggies

Dinner 1: Hunan beef, extra spicy with no cornstarch in the sauce

Dinner 2: refried beans, taco meat, salsa, and a dash of italian dressing

Other food throughout the day: black coffee, water

110331 Food Diary


5 responses to “Day Ninety (R, 110331) — Three Months In, New John and His Amazing Diet Contortions

  1. Hey John,

    Do you use an app for your macronutrient break down or just a spreadsheet?

    Nice job on the protein intake.

    I would suggest some more fat though. I have been reading Lyle McDonalds site and a fish oil supplement would probably help you quite a bit. I am going to start taking these soon.

    • Found a link to an interview Lyle did explaining fish oil and w-3 fatty acids on fat loss here—an-interview-with-lyle-mcdonald—part-ii_2.html

      w-3 fatty acids (and especially fish oils) have been shown to have important effects in both tissues that are all conducive to fat loss. These include decreased fat storage in the fat cell (involving changes in enzyme levels as well as insulin receptor number) as well as increased fat burning in the muscle. This is where flax oil (which is high in w-3) and fish oils come into play, by providing sufficient w-3 during a diet; you improve the overall rate of fat loss (which also spare muscle). High dose w-3 also helps to control inflammation and some of the depression that occurs during dieting may be related to a w-3 deficiency; the list of benefits really goes on and on.

      • Great info. Thanks!

        I’ve been using the following supplements:

        • PAGG
        • Cinnamon
        • (GNC version of) Athletic Greens

        I believe I do have some flaxseed oil and maybe some fish oil form my Atkins days. If not, Walmart here I come! 😉

    • I use SparkPeople to track nutrition. It’s free and easy.

      I’ve been using to store my recipes for years now because they have GREAT nutritional breakdowns once you enter all your ingredient information. You can check out my full recipe book here or my recipes page on this site here.

      Thanks for the suggestion about upping my fat intake. I’ll look into it.

      As you may have guessed, I don’t actually use SparkPeople track calories. I use it to gather data exactly so I can figure things our like your note above.

      Thanks! =)

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