Day Eighty-seven (M, 110328) — This Week’s Experiment

So the question is, what will I do this week?

First, I am going back to eating breakfast rather than substituting protein drinks for my morning repast.  That’s a big one.

Also, and this is a minor one especially considering it mirrors what I did on accident last week, I skipped my Monday morning workout because I woke up late (three hours of insomnia in the middle of the night can do that to me).  I’ll definitely get the workout in tomorrow, however so that’s not too much of a change.

I plan to continue the activity I began last week and I plan to run to my workouts.  I won’t run tomorrow as it is supposed to be 50° and rainy outside (and I’m feeling like a wuss) but Friday it should be warmer and dry so I’ll run that one.

The big difference will be that Saturday I am riding in the Tour Dallas with my oldest friend.

There are 8-, 20-, and 30-mile courses. We plan to tackle the 30-mile course (but reserve the right to deviate if circumstances suggest wisdom in such a move ;-)).

This will be a nice challenge since I haven’t been on a bike in more than about 18 months.  I used to ride 20-25 miles fairly often – I even hit more than 100 miles in a week several times – but since I moved into my house, far away from my previous cycling routes around White Rock Lake, I’ve literally not ridden a mile.

Oh well . . . nothing ventured nothing gained.  This ought to be fun! =)

(I just hope I’m not too sore from it for when I run the DFW Mud Run the following weekend.)

If anyone would like to join me for the Tour Dallas or the Mud Run, please contact me and we can arrange to do one or both side by side!  I’d love to meet up and enjoy the activity together. =)

What affects will I see Saturday morning from eating breakfast again, running to my Friday workout, and adding a looooong bike ride to my routine?  Tune in next week for the continuing Adventures of New John!


I’ve got a question for you:  I usually weigh myself on Saturday morning first thing upon waking.  Do you think I should wait until after I complete the Tour Dallas or go ahead and do it at my normal time?

And if I do weigh in after the ride, which numbers should be considered “official” for my results page?


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, refried beans, AGG

Lunch: steak, broccoli, AGG

Steak with garlic salt, ground pepper, and broccoli

Steak with garlic salt, ground pepper, and broccoli

Dinner: BBQ! Brisket, pork sausage, ribs, turkey, refried beans and salsa, diet caffeine free Dr. Pepper

Other food throughout the day: coffee

Food Diary 110328

Food Diary 110328


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