Day Seventy-eight (Sa, 110319) — Another Lost Week? Results for Week 11; Program Review: 4 Hour Body

(Saturday is normally my Cheat Day.  This weekend, however,  one of my oldest friends is getting married and I am saving my Cheat Day until Sunday.)

My measurements from this week:

Date Weight BF% BF #
Total Inches
Week 10: 110312 212.8 27.3 58.0 N/A
Week 11: 110319 213.5 27.2 58.4 N/A
Δ from last +0.7 -.01 +0.4 N/A
Δ from start -15
-2.5 -9.5 N/A

Up about 3/4 pound, down a tenth of a percent in BF, but up 0.4 pound BF.  Strange.

110319 Results Graphs

Not sure why things did not continue downward as they did last week.  I still avoided artificial sweeteners.  Looking back on my food log, the big difference is that I drank more kombucha. (Seven this past week v. four the week before.)

Each kombucha has 4 grams natural sugars (2 g x 2 servings).  No artificial sweeteners.  Maybe that was enough?

Anyway, I’ve felt good this week and my workouts went well.  Here are a few pictures from this morning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry the pictures are not in the same place etc. but this morning I had to take them myself. 😉


This is the third in my reviews of the diet programs I have done.  Thursday, I discussed my time on Weight Watchers.  Yesterday, I talked about Atkins. Today we are focusing on . . .

The 4 Hour Body Program

Bottom line up front:

  • PROS
    • There are just 5 simple principles to remember
    • It is extremely flexible
    • I am rarely hungry
    • Experimentation is actively encouraged
    • It offers additional things you can do to speed weight loss beyond what is provided by following the basic principles
    • Support groups are wonderful
    • Resources are plentiful (see my blogroll)
    • It covers more than weight loss, including:
      • Sex
      • Sleep
      • Working out and gaining muscle
      • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
      • Athletic performance

  • CONS
    • Unlike Atkins, I still crave carbs sometimes
    • Sweeteners seems to have a larger stalling effect than on Atkins
    • Supplements are expensive

As I mentioned yesterday, after two months of almost purposeful I’ll-show-you-what-happens-when-you-don’t-support-my-diet binging, I had gone from 206 pounds at the end of October to 228.5 on January 1, 2011.  Thus began my experiment with the 4 Hour Body program.

A week or two before Christmas, I found The 4 Hour Body.  I decided to dedicate myself to becoming healthier at the start of the New Year.  Thus was born New John for a New Year.

I read and reread the dieting sections of 4HB.  I also got my wife to read them, which was really important to me.  I needed her buy-in to do this.  My recent experience on Atkins proved to me that if she does not help me with my weight loss, I have a nasty tendency to not just fall off the wagon but to actively throw myself off as we pass near the edge of a cliff.

One reason 4HB appealed to me is that, food-wise,

Slow Carb Diet (SCD) = Low Carb + Beans – Cheese

If you know Atkins or another low carb diet already, make those two food changes, add in the supplements (optional) and the Cheat Day hacks, and you’ve got a new program.  SCD also emphasizes eating plenty of vegetables.

In other words, it was REALLY simple for me to change my eating patterns to SCD since I already knew what foods were acceptable and which were not.

Plus, as I mentioned above, I really like the focus on experimentation; finding out what works for me is the key.  The program tells you up front that the five basic principles will work but that you have to tweak things here and there and figure out what makes your body change for the better.

I have yet to figure it out for myself.  But I keep on keepin’ on, tweaking here, changing there, fixing things I know I’m doing wrong, rededicating myself to finding the answer.

I’ll do it yet.  I will.


Breakfast: 4 eggs over medium, four sausage, two bacon, black coffee

Lunch: sausage and sauerkraut, kombucha

I tried a new sauerkraut today (Rejuvenative Foods Raw Sauerkraut) using my sauerkraut recipe.  I’ll review it tomorrow.


Other food throughout the day:


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