Day Seventy-five (W, 110316) — Some Stats in 3 Years of Dieting

As of this past Saturday, I have officially been tracking my weekly weight for three years exactly.  These years encompass almost two years of Weight Watchers, 10 months or so of Atkins, a few months of binging, and just over three months of the 4 Hour Body program.

Tracking My Weight over 3 YearsA few stats from numbers:

  • Total weight change: -44.6 pounds
  • Highest Recorded Weight: 258.4 on March 12, 2008 (the first weigh-in)
  • Lowest Recorded Weight: 195.3 on June 2, 2010 (on Atkins)
  • Month with the Highest Weight Loss: January 2011 (-8.2 pounds, on 4 Hour Body)
  • Month with the Highest Weight Gain: September 2010 (+10.3 pounds, on Atkins)

Trend over the past . . .

  • Week: -1.65 pounds/week (4HB)
  • 15 days: -0.64 pounds/week (4HB)
  • Month: -0.53 pounds/week (4HB)
  • 3 Months: -0.15 pounds/week (4HB)
  • 6 Months: +0.40 pounds/week (3 mos. nothing, then 3 mos. 4HB)
  • 12 Months: +0.18 pounds/week (6 mos. Atkins,  3 mos. nothing, 3 mos. 4HB)

Tomorrow I’ll examine some of the pros and cons of my experience on each program.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, refried beans, sausage, bacon, AGG, multi-green supplement, cinnamon, kombucha

Lunch: two grilled chicken breasts, mixed veggies, chipotle mayo, yerba mate tea, AGG


Other food throughout the day: one large Starbucks coffee, black, no sweetener


4 responses to “Day Seventy-five (W, 110316) — Some Stats in 3 Years of Dieting

  1. How cool is that, John? What an interesting ride. I am right there with you – did some time on Atkins back in the late 90s, Nutrisystem twice. Both worked fine, as long as I was religious on them, and no chance to let loose periodically. I love SCD because the rules are easy to follow, there is a once-per-week let it go day, and if I get off the plan for a day or two, oh well, I just put myself back a few days, but all is not lost. I just start it up again!

    I am looking forward to reading your take on the plans you have tried.
    Love to read your blog.

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  3. I’m going to go back and look for the answer, but how did you gain so much weight in one month on the Atkins diet?

    • Thanks for the comment, Rick.

      I don’t remember exactly but my guess is that I gained all that weight from lots of cheating and probably taking a week or so sort of off.

      By that time in my three year progress, I was already beginning the process which would lead to my completely abandoning dieting altogether just over a month later at the beginning of November. You can read more about that tomorrow when I relate my experience on the Atkins program.

      What I can say for sure is that it WASN’T due to some sort of defect in the program. It was my fault for not doing what I was supposed to.

      There might also have been measurement “errors.”

      What if I just happened to be carrying a pound or so of extra water weight right when I weighed the last time in the month? Or what if I just happen to have had an “unreasonably” good weigh in on the first day? Those kinds of measurement error can lead to all sorts of messed up “statistics.”

      That’s why I feel it is MUCH more important to watch the longer trendline than the vagaries of short-term results.

      YMMV. =)

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