Day Seventy-three (M, 110314) — Experimenting

Last week, I did a series on ways I was going to change my approach to restart my weight loss.  So what to write about this week?  How about experimenting?

I believe that the primary thing that helped me last week was giving up artificial sweeteners.  I won’t try and BS you and say it was easy . . . but it does seem to be getting, well, not so bad each day.

Coffee is still tough.  I use the caffeine as a crutch to help me wake up and having black, no sweetener is rough.  And that’s even though I use some really good coffee (Ethiopian Harrar from Central Market) and a french press.  It’s a far cry better than the stuff served in the break room but still . . . it was always better with a good quarter cup of heavy cream and two packets of Truvia. 😉

So, on to the topic for today: experimenting.

I think this is one of my favorite parts of this program.  We have a set of guidelines (including a very few hard and fast “rules”) but otherwise, it’s a learn-what-works-play-as-you-go system.

If we try something and it doesn’t work, we won’t be excommunicated like it seems some other programs do.*

And I like the fact that the 4HB  group at DailyBurn supports each other, shares their own experiments, helps evaluate the experiments shared, offers suggestions, etc.

So far, my experiments have consisted mainly of finding ways to keep myself from gaming the system: making the decision to cut sweeteners; dropping Atkins bars; adding kombucha and yerba mate; following the Cheat Day damage control advice or not; etc.

So what do you do to change things up? How do you evaluate what works and what doesn’t?  Is it a results only sort of thing?  Weight up or down? Bodyfat %?  How do you know and how long do you give yourself to see if it had an effect?


This morning was  my sixth Workout A (lats/biceps and shoulders).

(1) Close-grip pull-down × 120 pounds

I hit 7 good reps (5/5 count). Next time: 130.

(2) Machine shoulder press × 100 pounds

Failure came at 8 (5/5 count) reps this time.  Next time: 110 lbs.

Next workout will be Workout B (chest & legs) on Friday.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, refried beans, sausage, bacon, AGG, multi-green supplement, cinnamon, kombucha

Lunch: roast chicken with low-carb BBQ sauce, water, AGG, multi-green supplement

Dinner: tuna salad (tuna, mayo, pickles) and a repeat of breakfast (scrambled eggs, refried beans, sausage, bacon, AGG)

Other food throughout the day: 10 cashews


* True, he didn’t actually banish all they who disregard his teachings, but close enough.  He has sayeth-ed and woe be (t)he(y) who strayeth from the path-eth.  And yes, I expect he is in great shape, much better than I am.  Good for him.  No really, good for him.  He’s likely been doing this a bit longer than I have.   I am getting better and will continue to do so without any high-handed condemnation from the Pope of Paleo.


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