Day Seventy-one (Sa, 110312) — Cheat Day 10, Did My Experiment Work?

Here we are at Cheat Day #10 in this experiment.Last week, in frustration with my plateau, I committed to four things to restart my weight loss:

  1. No diet sodas or sweeteners
  2. On Cheat Day next week, I’ll plan my meals, avoid snacking, and do ALL the damage control
  3. Start back up on PAGG after my week off and take every last pill on time.
  4. Workout Monday (A) and Friday (B) with at least two runs during the week and one run on the weekend.  No less than 12 miles total distance.

I did #1 and #3 and have #2 all planned out for today.  Considering that my last Cheat Day was not so good  — I broke my own rule and weighed myself post-Cheat Day: +5.2 pounds! — I think this week turned out rather well.

My measurements from this week:

Date Weight BF% BF #
Total Inches
Week 9: 110305 215.6 27.6 59.4 N/A
Week 10: 110312 212.8 27.3 58.0 N/A
Δ from last -2.8 -0.3 -1.4 N/A
Δ from start -15.7
-2.4 -9.9 N/A

Down in all areas this week. I wish BF% had fallen more but I’ll take it.

110312 Weight Charts

110312 Weight Charts

Off to make breakfast! =D


Also, please welcome Dan’s 4 Hour Body to the show! <–said in my best Montel 😉

I’ll get him into my sidebar shortly.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, Jimmy Dean sausage, bacon, coffee, AGG

Lunch: Denny’s!  Menu to come. Start with some Cissus and orange juice (I didn’t have grapefruit juice) and 90-seconds worth of exercise.  Chicken fried steak, sauteed spinach with pico de gallo and bacon (not as good as it sounds), french fries, two chocolate chip cookies, diet coke. Exercise after didn’t happen.

Friend’s birthday party: turns out it was at a bar with a really loud band playing Tom Petty songs. While the songs were good, my ears are still ringing.  I hate that.  I did enough of that sh…er, stuff when I was a kid. No more events like that for me.

Anyway . . . food-wise, I took some Cissus (no juice, no exercise) and had: one Michelob Ultra; one bratwurst in a bun with sauerkraut and mustard; and one Lay’s potato chip.  Yes, I could eat just one. I did exercise 90-minutes after.

Dinner: will be cheeseburgers on buns, sweet potato fries, BBQ chips, and ice cream.  I’ll take my Cissus, do my exercises, and drink some grapefruit juice beforehand. The best laid plans of mice and men.  At least I did my exercise afterward.

I’ll be talking through a marriage ceremony I’m celebrating for a good friend of mine next weekend.  Should be lots of fun. =)

Other food throughout the day: two (more) chocolate chip cookies were my only snack outside of my meals


2 responses to “Day Seventy-one (Sa, 110312) — Cheat Day 10, Did My Experiment Work?

  1. Holy crap! That’s a mighty strong argument for quitting sweeteners & diet soda.
    *bites lip at the prospect of giving up Truvia in coffee every morning*

    • Yep, Caren, I think it is. At least for me, anyway.

      I used Truvia as my primary “add-in sweetener” . . . but I also took in lots of sucralose and Ace-K in diet drinks. It’s impossible to say whether or not the Truvia was part of the problem and I’m not sure if adding Truvia back would make me stall again (I really like to have my coffee sweetened, too). Either way, I’m not going to risk it.

      Since I survived a week without sweeteners, I am going to stick to this part of the plan.

      Good luck and keep working strong!

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