Day Sixty-nine (R, 110310) — Supplements: Boon or Boondoggle?

My mission this week is to restart my weight loss by adhering strictly to the program and eliminating the “system gaming” I’ve been using which has, I think, lead to my stall.

I committed to four specific things I am going to do this week and will discuss one each day through Friday.  Today’s topic: start back up on PAGG after my week off and take every last pill on time.

Supplements.  What a topic.  There are so many questions and so many variables that it is hard to know where to start.

Do they work?  I have no idea.  I made three changes to my program this week and if I do lose a significant amount of weight, it will be very hard to pin it down to a single thing.

Since Jan 1 this year I have probably taken about 85% of my PAGG pills on time.  (It would have been 95% but I spent several weeks sans the policosanol until my order arrived.)

I even bought some of the (four-hour-work-week-dream-business) all-in-one-PAGG stack pills.  They certainly make it more convenient to take the pills.  One pill to cover alpha lipoic acid, green tea extract, and garlic extract is much nicer than three pills.

In addition to the PAGG stack, I often take cinnamon pills and I use Cissus on Cheat Days/meals.  I’ve also started drinking yerba mate and kombucha recently.

All in all, however, I don’t really know if the supplements have really helped.  My guess is . . .

Probably not.

I have previously realized that my weight is almost 100% controlled by my diet — by what I eat.

If I eat well, my weight goes down and my health improves.  If eat poorly, no amount of running or working out stops me from gaining weight and getting out of shape. If I eat well, I do well.

If I lose weight this week it will most likely be because I cut out the sweeteners and I was very careful about what went into my mouth — no Atkins bars; no peanut butter or almonds; no diet sodas — not because I restarted PAGG.

Then again, maybe I’m kidding myself and my results would be half what they currently are without the pills.

Anybody else experimented with this part of the program?  What’s been your experience?


Breakfast: three scrambled eggs, refried beans, two sausage, ice water, AGG

Lunch: two chicken breasts, mixed veggies, refried beans, water, yerba mate tea, AGG

Lunch 110310

Mmm mmm good


Other items through the day: coffee, black x 2


4 responses to “Day Sixty-nine (R, 110310) — Supplements: Boon or Boondoggle?

  1. I didn’t use any supplements (except for a multi-vitamin in the morning) during my 7 weeks of Slow Carb Diet weight loss and was very successful. Would I have lost more weight by taking PAGG? Maybe, but I would guess not enough to justify the price.

    • I still have a month or so worth of supplements left. I may use them I may not. I haven’t decided yet.

      Keep up the strong work and good luck with your golf game. 😉

  2. John, you as usual have articulated what I am thinking. I agree that I have no idea whether the supps are working or not, but I sleep like a baby when eating well and taking PAGG, I also take CQ on cheat days and dring the green tea/kombucha from Yogi. Definitely agree that sweeteners are the root of many issues, and that drinking 4+ liters of water a day are critical.

    • Cutting the sweeteners worked well. It was the primary change I made this week and, despite many misgivings, somehow I survived. 😉

      Keep it up, Sue. Work strong! =)

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