Day Sixty-five (Su, 110306) — Thoughts on Cheat Day 2 and Sans Soda

Man this diet must be good . . . given how much I have short-circuited myself lately and my results have remained basically flat.

I’ve cheated extra; I’ve started early; I’ve snacked like crazy; I’ve not done all the damage control stuff . . . basically, I’ve abused this program to heck and back and maintained rather than really gained.

Now to fix this and get back on track.  I wonder if I can lose 30 more pounds and then put myself into extra-cheating-maintenance-mode?  Just a thought…….

Anyway, as I was saying, I need to get back on track.  I have main problems, in my estimation:

  1. Diet soda
  2. Snacking

Having sweets cravings comes in a close third but these two take the cake, so to speak.

I drink waaaaay more diet soda than I should.  In this, I am including my daily Monsters that I drink as I drive to work.

So, to fix this, I am going to go a week without them.  (I know I said I couldn’t do this in my About Me page . . . let’s call it an experiment, shall we? ;-))

I will drink nothing but water, coffee (black, no sweetener), tea, kombucha, or yerba mate.

As for snacking, this becomes a real problem on Cheat Days.  Yes, I know Cheat Days are supposed to be “go crazy days,” but it seems to me that all of the damage control stuff is meal-based.  Take this pill 30 minutes before.  Exercise just before and 90 minutes after.  Drink this before and this during your meal.  Etc.

Well,  I often do major portions of this damage control regimen . . . but then I’ll eat half a bag of chips and two poptarts between meals.  Am I supposed to just take Cissus, drink grapefruit juice, and exercise constantly during the whole darn day?  I doubt that is the plan.  Plus, experience is showing that it doesn’t seem to work well.

I’ll commit to the following for the next seven days:

  1. No diet sodas or sweeteners
  2. On Cheat Day next week, I’ll plan my meals, avoid snacking, and do ALL the damage control
  3. Start back up on PAGG after my week off and take every last pill on time.
  4. Workout Monday (A) and Friday (B) with at least two runs during the week and one run on the weekend.  No less than 12 miles total distance.

Keep me honest folks.  Hound me.  Question me.  Make me do what I’ll say I do.  That’s why this blog exists.

Thank you.


Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs, refried beans & salsa, AGG

Lunch: Sauerkraut and sausage

Dinner: I can’t remember

Other food throughout the day: lots of water


2 responses to “Day Sixty-five (Su, 110306) — Thoughts on Cheat Day 2 and Sans Soda

  1. Wow! You sound serious! I can’t believe how much this resonates with me! I too am bummed that I am not continuing to loose, but am also very happy that I don’t seem to gain either! In diets past, the minute, and I mean the MINUTE I would cheat, the poundage would come back doubletime and I always ended up heavier than when I started.

    My version of “gaming” the system is: 1) I haven’t given up my stevia; 2) I’m very intermittent on the water intake, 3) lately I’ve started eating a sugar free Russell Stover chocolate candy each night before bed; 4) I rarely eat 3 meals, usually just one in the morning and one at night (because I’m never hungry) and I’ve stopped drinking ice water in the am (because it makes me uncomfortably cold from the inside out).

    That said, I’m staying with the general “ideology” of this diet permanently (i.e., slow carb). My goal is to add fruit back in eventually (once the fat is gone) and then modest amounts of potatoes & cheese. Bread will always be reserved for rare use (for multiple reasons).

    So there is no “quitting” this for me really. In that sense, it’s somewhat freeing, because I will be continuing this way of eating whether I loose weight or not.
    I would so like to shed this extra body fat though!

    I’ll be checking in to see how it’s going for you!
    Enjoy your posts.

    • I can’t eat the sugar-free candies. All that maltiltol just obliterates my GI tract. It is NOT fun…..

      I’m glad you are comfortable with the concepts and are going to stick with it. I think this is a more do-able plan than Atkins was for me. Especially if I find I can get down to my goal weight and cheat a bit and still maintain.

      It’s all about experimenting. I just wish I could experiment faster! 😉

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