Day Sixty-four (Sa. 110305) — Cheat Day #9

My measurements from this week:

Date Weight BF% BF #
Total Inches
Week 9: 110305 215.6 27.6 59.4 N/A
Δ from last +0.7 +0.1 +0.5 N/A
Δ from start -12.9
-2.1 -8.5 N/A

Up in all areas this week.  Actually, BF% comes out to be 27.55% but, rounding up for the chart . . .

Since BF# went up less than Weight, that means I gained a little bit of muscle.  I’ll take that as a silver lining in a week where numbers were no fun to look at.

On another plus side, I feel good.  I think my body is changing for the better.  I just wish I would quit sabotaging myself and would put up positive numbers again.

I feel myself slipping into old patterns: game the program, cheat the diet, etc.  In this case it means doing things like breaking down and having a cheat “meal” on Thursday night (popcorn at the movies) and eating too many Atkins bars.  I tell myself that I can exercise more and make up for the damage done, or that the supplements will fix my mistakes and it’ll still work out.

It never does.  I end up plateauing — not getting better but not getting worse, either.  And I know that if I quit the program I’ll definitely get worse so . . . Trudge, Trudge, Trudge.

When will my kagagoogoo kinkajou Harajuko moment happen?

I’ve done it before — about 8 years ago with smoking.  Just decided and quit, cold turkey.  Worked out fine.  So well, in fact, that I can have an occasional cigarette nowadays and not get the cravings again which I used to feel.  One and done no problem.

Weight-wise, on the other hand, right now I want to lose weight; I want to be more fit; I want to be lean and able to run a marathon . . . but I guess I have not turned the corner yet from want to need.

Someday I will and things will get easier.  For now though it’s trudge trudge trudge and keep my ass at least moving so I don’t fall behind even more.

(How’s that for a motivational “Thought of the Day”? =D)


Breakfast: at IHOP – waffle with butter and syrup, two bacon, two eggs over medium

I took my Cissus and grapefruit juice beforehand and exercised after 90 minutes.


Dinner: El Chico cheese and onion enchiladas, tortilla chips, queso, Cissus

Dinner 2: Double double Whataburger with a small fries

Other food throughout the day: two strawberry poptarts, some veggie chips, cookie, popcorn, Sprite Zero with raspberry flavoring


4 responses to “Day Sixty-four (Sa. 110305) — Cheat Day #9

  1. OK, thanks for the link to the Backyardigans. The 5 year old is saying “I wanna watch that now, can you make it full screen? What does out of hand mean?” Awesome post. Totally made me laugh. Get rid of the Atkins bars, say no to the popcorn, and you’ll do great. A small change can make a big difference.

    Peace. (or should I say peas?)

    • Anytime, Sue. =)

      My kids (6, 4, 1.5 so far) love Backyardigans. I like the fact that the music is good and that the dancing is motion capture from real people. Gives it a leg up on quality above other shows as far as I’m concerned.

      Yeah, the bars are a weakness. I find myself craving something sweet and they are the best thing I have found to hit that spot. Still ot good but a damn sight better than most other things. And somehow a hard boiled egg or ham steak just doesn’t seem to cut it when I want something sweet. 😉

  2. I see you’re taking Cissus – where are you getting yours from, and how is that working out for you? This week I’m going to try more grapefruit and lemon in the morning, along with more water. I really need to try to improve my baseline water intake, I think. It seems like one of those “M.E.D.’s” that could really give a lot of improvements.

    • I got mine online from an eBay merchant — Same Super Cissus RX Tim recommends for much cheaper than other places.

      As for how it’s working . . . I can’t tell. This makes my fifth Cheat Day using Cissus. Obviously, it is too early to tell how this week will turn out, but in the previous four weeks (since Cheat Day on Feb. 6), I have gone up and down but certainly not seen the results Tim talks about in the book. Check my results page for the weeks since 110205 and see how my weight, BF%, BF#, and inches have fluctuated.

      Now, even though I have a nifty Cheat Day Cheat Sheet, I have not consistently used all of the tactics he describes. I have used some but not all every time. Plus, I snack which is not covered in his plan. He assumes that you cheat at meals and can effectively take the Cissus, etc. at a prescribed time beforehand. That doesn’t work so well when you snack on carbs between meals.

      It’s all part of how I am failing to truly follow the program and something I know I need to fix.

      I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know about your experience if you start taking Cissus as well.

      Cheers! =)

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