Day Sixty-three (F, 110304) — Workout B, Finding My Limits

Welcome visitors from the Pareto Nutrition Blog.  Nice to have you stop by.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. =)


Today was my fourth Workout B (legs and chest).

  1. Leg press (10 reps, 5/5 count) — 200 pounds
    • Did 18 reps. Next time 220 pounds
  2. Decline press (7 reps, 5/5 count) — 125 pounds
    • Did 8 good reps. Next time 130 pounds
  3. Stationary bike – 3 minutes at 90 RPM (I forgot to do this this morning.)

I am confused about my leg press.  Some weeks (like this one), I go for many more reps than I expect.  Other times I hit my 10 or so and am good.  I just haven’t figured out exactly what weight I should use to get in a good set of failure-at-10-reps.

Anyone have an idea why I am able to do more one week but not the next?  Looking at my past running schedule, there doesn’t seem to be a correlation.


Breakfast: I got up late and almost skipped breakfast.  Since my family is out of town, and I could make all the noise I wanted, I was able to quickly (if not quietly) whip up some scrambled eggs, turkey meat strips (I refuse to call them bacon), and some refried beans & taco meat with salsa.

Lunch: Freebirds again!  Yummy!

Lunch 110304

Freebirds heaven

Three kinds of beans, lettuce, pico, salsa, double steak . . . sooo good.

Dinner: Mexican meatballs, cucumber, some Mexican vegetable that tasted a bit like a oh-so-slightly sweet squash

Other foods throughout the day: some kombucha, black coffee, yerba mate tea, Atkins bar

So today was the first time I tried yerba mate.  It tasted like pretty much any other green/herbal tea I’ve ever had.  OK, I suppose, but nothing to write home about.  If you like green tea, I expect you’d like the flavor of yerba mate, too.

As for effects, I didn’t notice and reduced appetite or extra energy.

(Then again, that may have something to do with my not getting to have lunch until 2:30 and being really hungry by the time I got to the restaurant.)


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