Day Sixty (T, 110301) — Fourth Workout A, Cybex Weight Stack Question

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Funny bit for the day: I use to store recipes and calculate nutrition for them.  Today, I signed up for their healthy motivation program and, toward the end, it suggested some Teams I might was to consider. Here are a few of the Teams it offered:

  • Infertility
  • Knitters
  • Brides To Be

I enjoy beautiful ladies regardless of color, but that really made me laugh. =D


Fourth Workout A (lats/biceps and shoulders) was this morning.

(1) Close-grip pull-down × machine level 13

I hit 6 reps (5/5 count).  Nice to finally find the weight at which I could not complete 7 reps with good form.  Next time: still at level 13.

Still trying to figure out what the actual WEIGHT of each of the plates are on the lat pulldown weight stack on the Cybex machine I use at the gym. It’s a four-stack machine. Anybody know what those plates usually weigh?

(2) Machine shoulder press × 95 pounds

Failure came at 8 (5/5 count) reps this time. Next time: 100 lbs.

Next workout will be Workout B (chest & legs) on Friday.

I am going to do a bit of experimenting with Occam’s Protocol.  Rather than continue to push the workout further and further apart, I am going to simply set a schedule and do Workout A (lats, shoulders) on Mondays and Workout B (legs, chest) on Fridays.  That’ll give me two good workout each week and 7 days between working out the same body parts.

As I understand it, Occam’s Protocol is to help you build strength while minimizing the time in the gym.   Since I am not worried about spending too much time there, I am happy to hit it twice a week and still get in some running on off days.

I should be able to get in some good runs this week.  I’ll have afternoons available starting tomorrow and all day on the weekends to really push myself.  Plus I have several new audiobooks to listen to and that’s always a good motivator.  =)

I also found out that my gym is closing this month.  Darn.

There’s one close to my house which I can switch to but I choose this one because it was close to my work.  Oh well, adapt and overcome, right?


Breakfast: three scrambled eggs, refried beans, mixed veggies, two sausage, ice water, Monster

Breakfast 110301

No exactly food porn...

Lunch: Freebirds maybe? two grilled chicken breasts, mixed veggies, chipotle mayo, diet coke, one M&M

Lunch 110301

Better looking than breakfast but still...


Other items through the day: coffee with Truvia


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