Day Fifty-eight (Su, 110227) — Week Nine (No PAGG)

I felt fine the day after Cheat Day.  No problems.  Even went for a 5k run.

This is week nine on the 4 Hour Body program for me.  I have been using AGG for eight weeks now.  I added the policosanol a week or so ago.  Still, Tim recommends taking one week off of the supplements after every eight so this week I’ll go sans.

I will still get in one Workout A and one workout B and try to run a few times.  This will actually be easier for me this week since my family will be visiting relatives later in the week and I’ll have the house to myself.  (it’ll be easier for me to get in an after-work jog or workout with just myself to take care of).

Yes, I will miss them — I always do — but these brief interludes are generally good for my diet and workout regimens. 😉

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, refried beans

Lunch: grilled catfish at Cracker Barrel, green beans, turnip greens

Dinner: steak with low carb BBQ sauce, mixed veggies, refried beans

Other food throughout the day: one Atkins bar, some diet soda


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