Day Fifty-three (T, 110222) — Third Workout A

Third Workout A (lats/biceps and shoulders) was this morning.

(1) Close-grip pull-down × 7 reps (5/5 count) at machine level 12

Worked to failure.  Next time level 13.

Still trying to figure out what the actual WEIGHT of each of the plates are on the lat pulldown weight stack on the Cybex machine I use at the gym.  Anybody know what those plates usually weigh?

(2) Machine shoulder press × 7 reps (5/5) at 85 pounds

Failure came at 18 reps this time.  Maybe I just pushed myself that much harder today but I was more than surprised to go more than double last time’s results and my expected limit.  Next time, 100 pounds.

Next workout will be Workout B (chest & legs) on Friday.

Plans include more running this week.  Tomorrow morning is supposed to be 58° at 4 AM.  We’ll see if I can get to bed early enough to go make a few miles before the sun comes up. 😉


Breakfast: three scrambled eggs, refried beans, mixed veggies, two sausage, Monster

Breakfast 110222

Eggs, beans, sausage, mixed veggies, Monster

Lunch: steak, refried beans

Dinner: taco salad (taco meat, lettuce, Italian dressing, refried beans, salsa), three scrambled eggs plus some egg whites, three slices of turkey bacon

You know, I’ve never tried turkey bacon before tonight. It was all right.  They were perfectly acceptable meat strips.  But they weren’t bacon.  Tasted more like ham than anything else.

Other items through the day: coffee, black


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